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    making a new account

    I think my game is just retarded, because I can't get the LAN to work either. Whenever I click the network button, it ZIPs like it's going somewhere, but ends up back on the main menu (ZIP being the noise it makes when changing menus).
  2. RhynoD

    making a new account

    It won't connect, though. I say, New Account. I put in the information, SN, PW, birthday, etc., push "OK" and the little bar at the bottom says, "please wait, we're trying to make your account" or some such, and after a while, it says, "Sorry, we couldn't connect to Westwood Online, please check your internet connection" or some such. And when I tried registering my copy of RA2, the browser opened to "The registry server is down, maybe for maintenance."
  3. RhynoD

    making a new account

    Setup is how I've been doing it, and I'm fairly certain my firewall isn't blocking it, but I can surely check. Also, I figure part of the problem is that it's not registered, which would make sense, but I tried and the "register server is down". Is it DOWN down, or is it actually under maintenance? If it's DOWN, how can I register? Etc? Thanks.
  4. RhynoD

    making a new account

    I did that. When it was "creating the account" it tried to access Westwood online, and it couldn't access WW online, and thus, the account could not be created.
  5. RhynoD

    making a new account

    So I tried RA2 to get a new account, and that didn't work either. YR says LOADING and then gives an error "Sorry, we can't find an internet connection" something or other, and RA2 said "requesting new account" and then "Can't connect to WW online" and closed. So yeah. I'd like to play some YR online...how might I go about doing that? Also keep in mind, I'm an English major. I use my computer for internet, porn, writing papers, and occasionally playing some RA when I'm in the mood, which is part of why I haven't figured out a solution for myself, and also keep in mind that any explanation you give me has to be phrased for a computer semi-illiterate.