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  1. Heretic

    Requesting Help

    Im interested in your idea, if i can be of any help later, i dont know. Are you looking for handdrawn art ? Please post the concepts !
  2. Heretic

    nod video \td

    yeah i know, but what i meant was that it not only is Joe Kucan, he also is there starring AS Kane...
  3. Heretic

    Shift Happens

    back on topic, the video was great ! and btw, the only peaceful religions i can think of are buddhism, african native stuff, and possibly shinto and viking-lore (asa). (the vikings just have a bad reputation, their religion didnt have anything to do with their raiding really..)
  4. Heretic

    Flash Games!

    i only get a pink screen when trying to play five minutes to kill yourself... anything i need to get ? oh nvm, it started just as i pressed "submit" :roll: :oops:
  5. Heretic

    nod video \td

    omfg =(( i feel like the biggest noob ever.. that is joe cucan AND kane.. and they mention nod.. :oops:
  6. Heretic

    nod video \td

    omg that´s so cool ! and what do you think of my theory up there in my above post ? im updating it whilst watching
  7. Heretic

    nod video \td

    yeah, i know it isnt Coogin xP haha cool, how you know that was his brother ? yeah, well, if you find yourself with nothing to do, please film the others also *edit* at about 21:30 into the RA1 Soviet film, you see this: he also appears at 28:06 and at 36:00
  8. Heretic

    nod video \td

    Great work man ! but at the ending of Tiberian Dawn for NOD, you should include all versions, i would´ve liked to see the french president burn in london and americas obliterated and yeah, anyone noticed that ; Casting and Directing : Joseph Kucan Kane : Joe Kucan Does Coogin have a brother !? :shock:
  9. Heretic

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    The developers for PS3 games now lack the ... conpitens ? (otherwise, knowledge) to fullly use the PS3´s capacity, it will be between 6 months and a year untill people can produce games for the PS3 that will use all it can =)) can´t wait to get my hands on one ! and btw, the game looks awesome !
  10. Flame Tank Your rage is unlike any person and you have a particular crave for burning things. Fire excites you and you are fanatical about setting things alight, friend or foe.
  11. Heretic


    okay, after seeing it like 10 times more, i begin to appreciate it and im addicted to "this is delicious !" haha x'D *edit* not to overpost, anyone know where to get that backround music they use ?
  12. Heretic

    20 Questions!

    [1].do you use it daily? probably not [2]is it bigger than a cereal box? That depends... [3]is it a tool ? Most will think not. [3]is it a toy ? no [4]is it a sporting good? no [5]does it make noise or music of anykind ? It might cause you to scream or rant... but it doesn't directly make noise. [6]can it bite or use any kind of sqezing or closing thing??? no [7]is it organic? no [8]is it plastic or metal no [9]can it cut? no [10]ummmm can you buy it??? probably not, I don't think anyone would buy it.. [11]Is it a form of cheese? no [12]can you get arrested for having it??? no [13]can you find it in the us? yes okay, this ones tricky, ill save my question for later...
  13. Heretic

    bizarre injuries...

    well, once i jumped over my grandmas wooden fence (i donnow if its called a fence if its made out of board-like-thingys ) anyway, i jumped over to get a soccerball on the other side and when i did, i slipped, and got a 1dm long stick into my biceps... i aint kidding, and it stayed there for over 1 month. When i was at my grandmas again, i tried to push it out, and what came out was a yellow, messy stick, i was like WTF !? and pushed it back in again with a scream.. (cmon i was like 8 ) after that we got it out no probs. does that qualify for wierd ?