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  1. alienisadj

    TibEd 2.1: test it now

    ive installed the tibed 2.1 i run the program and try to start a new project, and it freezes, the whole program... Ok i close it and run it again and now im doin nothing... and there is an error message " There was an error which was not handled by any code error type :EAcessViolation Error message :Acess violation at adress 006AB6B8 in module ´tibed2.exe´. Read of acess 0000000C" is the same error message as above I dont have any mods for cnc3 installed on my computer so whats the problem with the Tibed 2.1 ??? Please help
  2. alienisadj

    Koen Help me!!!

    im goin mad... ive lost my unlocked code after reinstalling xp and i didnt save it to annother harddrive... and i dont want to pay again + i lve in sweden so its expencive for me its for Tibed 2 beta 4a - build 100 can u help me man