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  1. **** MU'FU'N NODDIES!!!

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    Command School Episode 8 Now Available

    Lol, I pwned a friend with that strategy, but only as a joke. These are much more fun to watch than the stupid battlecasts that last for 40 minutes.
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    Mnemic - Mechanical Spin Phenomenon
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    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    There's no point of doing another Red Alert game beacuse we all know that...THE SOVIETS ARE SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER FORMS OF LIFE! (I know some wiseass would bring this up so SOVIETS ARE ALSO SUPERIOR TO ALL NON-LIVING FORMS OF EXISTENCE) This is true.
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    Ice Cream For All

    I almost bothered to read this thread...
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    SP Discussion

    Maybe Kane controls the scrin somehow...
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    SP Discussion

    Wasn't Kane supposed to go to one of those ALIEN TOWERS in the end of CnC3? And now Noddies are suddenly destroyed and then the player plays as a weirdo Computer Assisted Biologically augmented computer screen...and then TACITUS was stuck into my mouth?!?! And then I flew over the universe with huge knowledge about everything...I hope the next game will have a storyline of somekind. Tiberian Sun campaings were the most awesome ever! And I really miss the Tiberian Sun Athmosphere and Hi-Tech stuff. I mean cnc3 is like a polished Tiberian Dawn.
  10. I think there was something useful in this episode. Can't remember what it was, but I sense that there was something. Anyway, it's fun to watch these even if they'd be totally useless!
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    Deftones - The Boy's Republic
  15. Image removed. Please don't post rubbish images, especially in news topics. We've had it with the Samuel Jackson jokes already. The video was pretty good. It got interesting towards the end. RACISM AGAINST MUTANTS!