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  1. Well could you please add it my site ot the list thanks. that way it;s better Oh and C&C World as well dont forget
  2. Sonic you left mine out i first posted in C&C Galaxy then i made the pos tint he oficial forums sp your news was kinda wrong
  3. Commando112

    Petition for EA to bring back Generals 2

    Thats good news and i agree ea dont deliver now only for cash
  4. Commando112

    Petition for EA to bring back Generals 2

    I'm down with it. Hell to C&C FTP. I have already signed it. I hope they bring back Generals 2 with a long campaign and kick ass multiplayer skirmish
  5. Commando112

    Game Soundtracks for Free

    Yeah well i cant believe i actually pre-prdred Frank;s sound track. Also, The C&C Ultimate soundtrack was supurb. Great Job EA. As for the free tracks, I took the liberty of extracting them from my cnc mix files as well as big files from generals
  6. Commando112

    New Fan Site - C&C Galaxy

    A fan site has been set up not long ago by Ccveteran (Me). IT features the latest news, reviews as well as spotlight mods. Here is the layout of what the site looks like You may head over to the site at www.cncgalaxy.net
  7. Commando112

    New Fansite by me

    Hi, Banshee let me hosted it on PPMSITE. It's http://cncrelived.ppmsite.com plese use the updated link.
  8. Commando112

    Now Playing - Music

    Midnight Maxi 2 -This Is My Destiny
  9. Commando112

    New Fansite by me

    Hi, I have just publsined my fan site. It;s in progress but all the general contents are in completed. But not the index. I use Lorem Lipsum for i dont know what news to put in yet. Check it out and tell me what ya think CNCRelived If you see the name Republic_Commando_401 under the cpt section, thats my username in ppmsite and all other forums. The site is planned to be a very basic site. Nothin complicated or fancy like other major fansite including this one. I just. (ps)It's free hosting with a domain. And it's my friends'. He was kind enough to give me a domain.
  10. Why i deserve red alert 3 uprising. I have been playing cnc95 since it came out. and there till now, i have been a huge fan of command and conquer. When i bought the first decade, i was stunned by red alert games. graphics, game play and difficulty. Then i bought red alert 3 premier edition but have used all my DRM points. So i sent a message to EA in my area, they gave me back 3 points. Then, i have been playing red alert 3 after Tiberium Wars. I think red alert 3 is the best game in the cnc franchise. That is why i think i should deserve uprising so i can continue to enjoy the game and play the commander's challenge.
  11. Commando112

    No Kane's Wrath for Playstation 3

    yeah, command and conquer should not be in console. It's a joke. i already have enough problems with tiberium dawn on my N64. my hands get cramped. and EA modified the side bars and upgrades. why cant they leave the style alone.
  12. Commando112

    CNC3 2v2 Invite only tournament

    Woah, A tournment turned into a country hate country topic.
  13. Commando112

    CnC Reloaded 1.2 release

    U are too slow there are other rts flash games. check this out tank wars v1 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/418759 tank Wars v2 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/419988 and i cant find it. The like only has sponsored links. wehn i clicked the side items, it took me nowhere
  14. Commando112

    C&C FPS News from Game Informer Magazine

    ****. First came red alert 3, i dont know if i can afforf it. And now Tiberium? i cant afford every single cnc game lol.
  15. Commando112

    id making Doom 4

    Screw id, i dont play their games anymore. I hate FPS anyways, nothin new. And id didnt released any screenshots. bottom line is RTS RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111