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  1. I have a big problem with the first Decade... I have one computer with The first Decade Zero Hour, running on VISTA and one with the normal Zero Hour(generals deluxe edition), running on XP They can't play with eachother due to a difference in versions!! :x Does anybody have This same problem? is it Vista? or just Generals zero hour I don't now how to solve it.... [yet] And don't come up with stupid Suggestions like: - Try to update :roll: - install generals1.08 patch (as said on this site) - reinstall the game :? - install the 1.04 patch on the VISTA pc (that is possible by putting the Game.dat and Generals.exe in the ZH map - and by starting the game trough a crack. (and off corse also on the XP pc trough a crack) :wink: I've tried it all :lol: :clown: Maybe it's a setting in Vista?? :? :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: