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  1. Judgedshrike


    the really old games like cnc red alert 1 no newer. but if they have blue ray on psp2 then may be
  2. Judgedshrike

    Pic of the Day

    this is a good pic (some people may find this a bit rude) www.funnyville.com/funny-pictures/traffic.gif or www.funnyjokepics.com/funnypics/194119e7228748666b2846c5c138bb65funny-signs.jpg
  3. GLA rule they will win or take people down with us two GLA voters
  4. Judgedshrike


    the new cnc games wont work on the psp because the space on the umd
  5. Judgedshrike

    The British Make The Danish Look Normal!!!

    no need for hope they used all the good bombs in iraq
  6. Judgedshrike

    The British Make The Danish Look Normal!!!

    i think they forgot us oh no they set them selfs on fire and drove into Glasgow airport and only they got injured by the time they get to you they will be using sticks and stones
  7. Judgedshrike

    The British Make The Danish Look Normal!!!

    i think that that was just stupid the paper has jokes about jesus but no one really cares so why should they be any different just because they hated that picture i would just make loads more. and Jah$poR its easy for you to make jokes when your not getting bombed
  8. Judgedshrike

    xbox 360

    my xbox broke about a year ago but could not send it back but in June if the problem is the three red light flashy thing you can send it back so a phoned the British number and they told me to wait till this box arrives witch people dubbed the coffin that was 5 or 6 weeks ago and im still waiting so i got so p***** off i phoned them again and they told me its on its way. I'm the other side of England to the place i have to send it but if it dont come within 2 weeks im gunna go down there a shove it up there asses and ask for my money back
  9. Judgedshrike

    The British Make The Danish Look Normal!!!

    that clip is kinda funny but when Saracen posted that advert about a hired bomber what if that advert got to some extremist and he hired them to destroy Big Ben and it was all your fault and the extremists and bombers too but mostly yours. how would you feel when you found out that you had a hand in the destruction of the only British landmark because the rest are already bombed by terrorists and when you here the knock at the door you answer it and the police are there and say " I'm arresting you under the anti terrorist act of 2003". how do you feel now
  10. when i try to install RA2 +YR from TFD it starts and about half way an error comes up saying Feature transfer error Feature: Command & Conquer Red Alert II Component: File: Error: Catastrophic failure at first i just took the disk out cleaned it the tried again this time it got to just about finished which took just about half an hour then that error came up it use to say it for TS FS but then it worked. can some one please help me cuz this is really annoying
  11. Judgedshrike


    on the art ini theres that code the FLH or somin, the thing were those three numbers like 250,56,89 are. is that x,y,z or somin and to how do u find it. this is for a tank on ra2
  12. Judgedshrike

    RA2 art probs

    well on the shp builder the building is ok it looks right but when i buid it in game it is messed up all the colours are yellow. im using SHP Builder 3.35. Oh and thanks for wat yu put on the other topic im glad TibEd and XCC work on TFD im soooooo glad.
  13. Judgedshrike

    RA2 art probs

    the shp of some of my buildings this shp is a light yellow shade can someone tell me how to fix it
  14. Judgedshrike

    the first decade

    you can lock the topic now my disc just broke so it dont matter
  15. Judgedshrike

    the first decade

    can i put new units on RA2YR and new mods and use TibEd