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  1. DarkBuddy9

    AI Attacks

    Is there any way i can modify the attacks the AI's send on Red Alert 2, can i edit this in the rules.ini file? or TibEd? Thanks.
  2. DarkBuddy9

    Favourite RA 2/ YR Unit!

    I would have to say For a unit, the Rhino Tank, Infintry: Conscript, (Leet Defence), Air would be a Kirov, and Building, the Battle Bunker. Yep I'm a total commie
  3. DarkBuddy9

    Original Map files?

    Alright, i'll try it and post back if it works.
  4. Is it possible to get the original maps from red alert 2 such as Arctic Circle, Etc. And load 'em up on final alert 2? Same with yuri's Revenge, Because Even some custom maps that i have, i cant find the right file for each.
  5. Does anybody know how to get the AI in red alert 2 to attack with iron curtain like it does in yuri's revenge? like in red alert 2 the AI destroy's everything in it's path but i need it to attack only the base's defences like it does in yuri's revenge. Is it possible? Can it be done? thanks.
  6. who is that dark orange team in mission 3 in the allied campaign?
  7. DarkBuddy9

    Now Playing - Games

    Guitar Hero 3 ( Wii - PS3 ) RA2 & YR ( PC ) Well thats all so far lol. :lol:
  8. DarkBuddy9

    Beowulf's Rules 2.1 - Released!

    This is A good Mod for Ra2, Cant wait to play it! 10/10
  9. DarkBuddy9

    Favourite SuperWeapon?

    Well, I dont really use Super Weapons. Even tho there cool and all, I just like to use the Iron curtain > 6 Demo trucks > BOOM!
  10. DarkBuddy9

    Languages.mix not being read

    Try CLeaning the disc, you know achohal rub or something because it always the CD It happend to me once and i put under hot water and dryed it off and it worked hope this helps, Oh and welcome to the forums
  11. DarkBuddy9

    Red Alert 2 Setup

    Bought New copy.....IT still didn't work! It must be hard drive or something because when I click Install the hard drive powers up,but then powers down and it freezes
  12. DarkBuddy9

    Were can i...

    Lol, Red ALert 2 Is on ebay for only 0.99$ CDN
  13. Yuri Rules. Gattling Cannon ftw.
  14. DarkBuddy9

    Red Alert 2 Setup

    when insert the red alert 2 CD Key.... the auto run shows up i click install...the auto run it freezes & then it says: could not find setup.exe then i click ok, and then a send error report shows up for setup.exe any help please? Some Info,Well....Specs: Windows XP Professional SP 2 512 MB RAM 256 MB ATI radeon 2.4GHZ (2400mhz) Disc used:Allied 100MBPS Ethernet (2.5MB Top Download speed ASUS Motherboard Thanks.. DarkBuddy9...
  15. DarkBuddy9

    Red Alert 2 Install Help

    but it is new....