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    Hi, ZeroHour restarting PC at Score screen

    Ok lol get this... So I remove/clean my video card drivers.. take out my vid card, clean pc with compressed air.. put card back in.. re isntall drivers (latest ofcourse)... and I decide to play.. Generals (ORIGINAL).. works.. flawlessly no crashes.. no restarting at the score screen nada. (didnt play generals before reinstalling vid drivers. so dont kow if the problem was happening with that as well) .. BUT i launch ZERO HOUR, Same Fing problem! score screen restart.. LOL god damn ea.. GENERAL Works but Zero hour doesnt? lol what kind of bs is this... Ea is getting letter soon. Yes. My Mobo/sound/video drivers are up to date. ZH is the only game im having trouble with.
  2. Frostmourne902

    Hi, ZeroHour restarting PC at Score screen

    Well I have tried uninstalling/ re-installing and lowering the graphical settings but both didnt work, the problem is the same as before, after a game ends, it restarts my pc when it gets to the SCORE SCREEN, (screen freezes, but the music keeps playing for several second before crashing) : :oops: :cry: :roll: Also, I have Generals patched to 1.8 and Zero Hour to 1.4, latest I could find. Both english. (dont run any background programs while playing a game, theres no virus or spyware)
  3. Frostmourne902

    Hi, ZeroHour restarting PC at Score screen

    I will try that along with reinstall but i do not think its my CPU or Video card, because as crappy as they maybe, they can run Bf2 (I am not kidding) on 1024x768 on low settings/max view distance at an average of 27 fps, the game doesn't run slow DURING gameplay its ONLY at the SCORE SCREEN (after game ends) that it crashes. Also, the PC is not overheating, the temp stays the same as it is usually.
  4. Hi, Just got the deluxe edition of the game.. used to play it back in the day.. anyways, when I finish a game (skirmish or campaign) the game freezes momentarily and causes my pc to restart... Specs Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz 760 MB DDR ram Geforce 6200 OC Pci (not express) 256 mb 160 Gig 7200 RPM hard drive Sound Blast Live! yep, my pc isnt great, but it runs the game FLAWLESSLY on High settings 1158x845 (or whatever that resolution is), I dont not experience any lag or slow down, just that crash restart/. Can anyone help, Thank you verymuch.