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  1. When i uninstall it, i go in control panel and chose uninstall, after i install the original version
  2. i jsut read on an other forum, if i play with a crack before i buy the game ( sry i know its not good, but i just want to know if i like it :? ) maybe when i erase the game the crack is still there ?? If its the case how can i erase all the thing to play with the one i buy ?? i dont want to format my CPU to play CCZH Ty for all your help
  3. i think about something... do i need the lastest patch on C&C general to play C&C zero hour ?? i dont upgrade my general
  4. yes i got all the patch. When i go online, the game look for patch and it downloads the lastest patch ( 1.4 i think ). i try to delete de game and reinstall it, but its not work. I forgot to tell i got a router and i want to know, if its cause by the router or its not this kind of probleme the router can do. And i try to connect into my modem directly and i got the same prob ( sry for my english i hope you can understand
  5. Hi, i buy deluxe edition with zero hour and general, i install it and i can play solo game. But when i try to play online, i got a bug. I can see all the online game ( 1 vs 1 2 vs 2 .... ) but when i join one and we start the game, i can see the map and my building, but i can do anything. The screen jam and i must go in windows for stop C&C ZH Please help me i want to play online And the direct connect dont work to