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  1. Hey, I'd like to make the temple of nod bigger like in original c&c Is there a size or dimentions or something I can change?
  2. Anyone know how to change this? I tried changing the spawn time but that didnt have any affect..
  3. OK, i'm going to need a screen dump or copy + paste text in here of these error messages If you cant post image here > go to file-upload.com an you can upload your image there an post the link Also, tell me step by step what you do before this error occurs
  4. That dll file is standard install with tibed 2 So go into your tibed 2 directory > program files an checky if its there. If not, re-install tibed 2 Then start a new project an test again
  5. Ok, let me try helpy you out if you not getting your mod in thr browser means that you havent made/created the skudef file so the game can see/read your mod .big file However, tibed 2 auto creates the skudef - so check your my documents/c&c 3 directory/mods an check if both skudef + big file is there. If no big file > check 'documents & settings' (c:) > Administrator > my documents > c&c 3 > checky there - this is a second mod destination directory Next thing - make sure mod sdk is installed + get version 2 @ Mod SDK v2: http://files.ea.com/downloads/...SDK_v2.exe Mod SDK Prerequisites installer: http://www.cnc3files.com/file/20 Have you got the latest version of tibed? http://www.tibed.net/download?tibed2cnc3 Start a new mod project & edit something small to test > see what happens & reply back with further errors
  6. Henners

    CNC3 Modding

    Howd you go with the mod team thingy? Any luck with sdk?
  7. When did they decide to put this out? I've just installed it but I can't see anything like new..
  8. Yeah.. good point. I'd say put them in as this makes sure that the user has the required stuffs to begin with. Well, I would anyway 'cause I know not all would be y'know have 'sound' knowledge of the sdk stuffs. Also, if they have all the required things it should reduce or even eliminate installation/functionality errors of your Tibed
  9. Actually.. forgot about the error. It worked just fine after I rebooted w00t!! guess it just needed to finish install with that or something OMG!!! Its working! koen, you genius! Can I scrap mod sdk now? I don't want to touch that thing no more after using this one Ah, project explorer would be good then now I know what i to do with it Okies, I found asset list. Yeah full asset list
  10. Its looky good so far Mucha easier to edit what I want compared to the other way. The only bug I could see was during compile where it tried to look for the default art objects from the 'includes: all:' part of the xml it would stop compile.. I'll see if i can upload a screendump here if i can A question i have though.. with the project explorer window.. how does this interact with the asset tree? I'm just a little confuzzled with this part is all I haven't had time yet to looky at the asset grouping. But, just question; where would I find like the entire list thingy?
  11. Henners

    CNC3 Modding

    Yeah.. You can go here http://cnc3center.789mb.com/cnc3_modsdk_guide.html They have just posted those tutorials.. However, be aware that there are some things in the sdk installation that are missing, ie, some of the art assets are not available.. including: power plants, predator tank, refineries.. i've found 3 already.. well, basically you try to edit them & the binary assets cannot link the xml to the retrospective arts because they arent put it! bah.. Also, the good folks over at Tibed + Koen are busy making Tibed 2 for C&C 3 so that might be use for you when it comes out.. Contact: E-mail: [email protected] PS: again, sorry for the hole explanation, but I'm from belgium and it's hard to find the right words to explain wath you mean or try to tell.
  12. Do you know which part of the .xmls is related to selecting the assets? I heard in another thread where I'm having troubles with adjusting cost of units/structures where they become invisible.. an solutions were: mod_l.xml & also a standard mod variable with graphics up high an still nothing.. (the game reads mod_l.xml when loaded in low settings which i gots) Then they said I need the assets because the game cant find the imagery.. But I've got the 2 .xml still there in the builtmods/c&c3.xml global/static manifests.. sdk is confuzzled me.. :S
  13. Which is the assets associated with the sdk? Is it the required programs/.dll files or is it the sample arts included as example modding? Or is there another textures/graphical media/files available? I'm just confuzzled with what it is.. :S
  14. Hmm.. I tried reply but it came back later with error but I'll type again I didn't really notice the ns0 really as it just looked like part of the xml code. I was merely distracted by the highlighted changeable/editable values.. But I'm not sure what others may think.. real estate.. not really my thing. But its adopts the similar layout as the other tibed which is good. I dont see anything wrong with the split windows.. hm, maybe with the list of assets. I know they are grouped/ordered through, but maybe later on after testing, maybe group them together a bit more. Like, I'm thinking that peeps might get like lost going through the asset list in search of specific asset & then looking back for another.. if that make sense.. or even perhaps highlight different the main sections..
  15. Ya I got those files in there + I rebuilt the mod an it still happens.. but everything else is fine.. ikky I even tried the low settings graphics bug where the game engine doesnt read the mod.xml file if graphics is not on high. So I've got the mod_l.xml . This method however allowed me to see the elf warrior for the sample mod