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  1. Team Black

    ModDB Mod of the Year 2013 voting starts now

    Vote for Tiberian Odyssey!!
  2. Team Black

    eVGA re-defines the word "overkill"

    I've never sen such a thing. Soooooooooo unneeccesary :lol:
  3. For all you fans of lego, whether you want to admit or not, I know you're already thinking of stuff to build. Build us your best C&C model(s) and submit them by October 31st. Click the banner for the official rules, you DON'T want to miss this!
  4. Team Black

    Most favorite C&C unit

    I haven't had problems with limpets, if you know how to use em.. You don't just deploy in a tib field they're likely to harvest, you make em go right up to the harv then deploy My favorite is the Orca carryall, since it allows excellent battlefield mobility. You can do rushes with em, and land heavy units right into soft spots, or use em to retreat, or grab an ally, or a harvester to reach that blue tib way over there, put Juggernauts or a Sensor array p on a cliff where they can't be easily reached.. Carryalls are really the coolest and most creative things I've seen in an RTS
  5. Team Black

    Tiberian Sun:Dusk to release this Christmas!

    yea, be sure to catch it, it's a really great mod
  6. Judeau has announced the next release of Dusk, which will be accompanied by a tournament, this Christmas. If you plan on taking part in the tournament, or if you have any suggestions, or questions and what-not, you can go to the link above to discuss it. This is going to rock, don't miss it!
  7. Team Black

    Tiberian Sun

    I liked the carryalls in TS, allowed a ton of mobility around the battlefield.. Retreating, reinforcing, and dropping hardcore units in critical areas. Them things were the pwn
  8. Team Black

    help to add RA2 units to TS PLZ!!!

    You can put RA1 ant TD graphics in TS, Bittah Commander did it in Dawn of the Tiberium Age although they'll only be able to face 8 directions, as opposed to 32 facings in the original engines. Also, the units won't be able to tilt on slopes, since they're not 3D like TS and RA2 voxels. Since Bittah's DTA is all flat terrain, there's no problem with that
  9. *sigh* That's the website where the file's uploaded to, it's gotten some construction since the link was posted go Downloads>> Tiberian Sun>> Team Black's stuff >> Massive Map Pack or skip all that and go here to the download page
  10. Team Black

    help to add RA2 units to TS PLZ!!!

    Well, the graphics will be the same - They might not all be able to act like they do in RA2, as logics used in RA2 are not available in TS like, like Prism cannons, battle fortresses, and probably a hundred other things
  11. Team Black

    help to add RA2 units to TS PLZ!!!

    Yup. Extract em from RA2, put them in your TS directory, then make enteries for em in the TS rules.ini and art.ini
  12. Team Black

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    Giants, by Five Iron Frenzy
  13. Well it's hard to put it down, now that I know how to mod it to kingdom come.. Since I bought it with Firestorm in 2000, it still hasn't gotten boring.. in fact, the more I learn about modding it, the more interesting the game gets.
  14. Thanks a ton for the announcement Sonic These maps are really the best of the best
  15. I'll ... take that as a compliment >>> UPDATED TO 1.1 <<< Treacherous lands, Chasm duel, and Tiber Crater now work properly Primeval, Tiberium Lake, and Tiberium Atmoshpere are actually not part of this pack, so they've been removed from the list. Maps are no longer displayed twice on the map list Some of the author's names were absent on the map's titles (such as Eva creek [2-8] BY AUDJO) - fixed Download link is updated in first post