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    C&C TD (95/Gold) Special Options

    My guess is that they are enabled through conquer.ini, but they are disabled or have to be enabled in exe. My knowledge of assembly and disassembly is poor, and I've only been able to force them by noping jumps in exe that jump over them. IMHO this is a very dirty way to do it. :| Anyway the offsets are: TrueNames Options 0x7F047 : 7507 -> 9090 Players Options 0x7F07A : 750A -> 9090 Rotation Options 0x7F0B0 : 7507 -> 9090 Helipad Options 0x7F0E3 : 7507 -> 9090 MCV Options 0x7F116 : 7507 -> 9090 Bibs Options 0x7F149 : 7507 -> 9090 TreeTarget Options 0x7F17C : 7507 -> 9090 Combat Options 0x7F1AF : 7507 -> 9090 Scores Options 0x7F1E2 : 7507 -> 9090 CombatIQ Options 0x7F215 : 750A -> 9090 Overrun Options 0x7F24B : 7507 -> 9090 Sounds Options 0x7F27E : 7507 -> 9090 Scrolling Options 0x7F2B1 : 7507 -> 9090
  2. Rambo

    C&C TD (95/Gold) Special Options

    By modifying c&c95.exe I can force some of the options, for example: TrueNames - Shows true object names, funny Rotation - Units rotate in a weird way Helipad - Builds helipad without heli/orca MCV - Selling MCV undeploys it Bibs - Turns off bibs TreeTarget - Trees can be target by default Scores - Uses some alternate music scores Sounds - Uses zounds.mix for sounds instead of sounds.mix Etc. But I can't figure out way to do it more easily (I lack disasm/debug skills :/ ) and how to enable more options. And nobody on internet mentions any of these at least I couldn't find it. :?
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    Pic of the Day

    B2 Spirit delivering nuke
  4. How to enable "Special Options" in C&C Gold other than forcing them through hacking of c&c95.exe? Both conquer.eng and c&c95.exe have references to them. Selected part of conquer.eng: Special Options Targeting flash visible to all. Allow targeting of trees. Allow undeploy of construction yard. Employ smarter self defense logic. Moderate production speed. Use three point turn logic. Tiberium will grow. Tiberium will spread. Disable building "bib" pieces. Allow running from immediate threats. Allow separate helipad purchase Tiberium grows quickly. Show true object names. Selected part of c&c95.exe: TrueNames Options Players Options Rotation Options Helipad Options MCV Options Bibs Options TreeTarget Options Combat Options Scores Options CombatIQ Options Overrun Options Sounds Options Scrolling Options