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  1. ok mate no worries thanks for getting back to me
  2. hi keon did you get the file i sent you?
  3. have sent it over to you look forward to hearing from you
  4. right have looked in the file you surgested and all thats in there is the skudef file for the mod i made
  5. Build} Last output line: 'Operation result=OK' {Build} Build script return code: 0 {Build} Making SKUDef file... C:Documents and SettingsRobertMy DocumentsCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium Warsmodscc3nodcc3nod_1.0.skudef {Build} Cleaning up temporary folder: c:Documents and SettingsRobertLocal SettingsTemptmp00pajz {Build} Finished thats the last bit of the log but its still not working
  6. yes it is listed in the mod section oin the game browser
  7. have just had a look and all i got is the standard quit button
  8. well i fiond myself stuck yet again i have now got the mods in to the browser but after i select it and load the game none of my changes seem to be there have used the build tab and the play tab and gone through the browser thus no joy am i doing something wrong ?? :?
  9. thanks for all your help am really grateful all seems to be working now cheers mate
  10. ok will do that now then will use the lnk on here for it and let you know how i get on
  11. so should i redownload tibed 2 now then and try again?
  12. im using windows xp i did have previous versions of tibed installed but decided to delete them and install the newest verion but still has not corrected the problem
  13. i get the same message weather i click on build mod or play mod
  14. i cant seem to do anythign with the error message can only move it or close so dont know how to copy what it says as i wont let me copy and paste from it
  15. hi right have checked in the tibed 2 file and the pywintype25 dll file is there so not got a clue what is going on lol
  16. right have checked i have the files that you said installed and they are there and have checked the place where you said to look to see if the mods are there and they are not the only plce i can find the mods is in the tibed section so am well confused now and get the message this application hs failed to start because pywintype25.dll was not found ??? followed by the same measage as before
  17. every time i try to use the editor i get the same error message and when i check to see if the mod is in ther mod section of the game browser its not there maybe i doing something wrong but this is the error message i get error type:EpyImportError error message: exceprions.importerror:dll load failed the specified module could not be found any help would be nice many thanks