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  1. Of which bug do you speak? And may I ask why, in your build system, you copy all the files to a new folder, does this not just mean all the xml files need to be compiled again (even those which you did not edit) where as if you used the MOD SDK manually only those changed/related to the mod (ie in mod.xml) would require to be compiled... Correct me if I am wrong as it was just an observation made when viewing the output of the build in TibEd vs running BuildMod.bat You've probably noticed but I figured I mention that when editing some Assets (i.e. weapon.xml) each WeaponTemplate you edit generates a file containing all (or a lot of) the other weapons, and editing more than one weapon creates an error because the defines at the top of weapon.xml are duplicated into each new edited weapon file. (Hopefully I explained that well enough...) p.s. Is this any help? http://willow.nekomanga.com/get/133/assets.xml