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  1. Burton

    Cannot access Tibed for C&C95

    mm I don't know why its not working for you, but I have windows vista as well and never had a problem running tibed. I also have the first decade but i play C&C from the original game.
  2. Stealth Tank. I don't like to be seen lol
  3. yeah i know, it is dumb, thats why i want it changed. of course you cant always have what you want in life, but if it were possible i would do it. Having the gunboat come out of the weapons factory and it driving on land is plain rediculous, there's no point to making it or the hovercraft buildable with the current editors that are available, we need some more modifications done to it.
  4. I would like to know if there is any way you can modify the icons for the following units/structures....construction yard, bio-lab, tech center, mobile HQ, all dinosaurs, Antonov cargo plane, and Visceroid.....these units are normally unavailable, but when you make them available with any editor, the units do not display any icon in the sidebar menu when you try to build them. The icon is blank and when you scroll up and down it turns all fuzzy and just makes the game unpleasant. How to make a building sellable or not (for example you cant sell the tech center, would like to change this) How can you edit the firing rates for the different units? When you change a units weapon type, the firing rate does not change, it remains the same for that unit. How come when i make a unit that normally can't transport people transportable, the infantry won't go in....and the cargo plane when you put infantry in it, the unit becomes invisible? Is it possible to modify the cargo plane and amphibious hovercraft to transport vehicles like they do in normal game play? Remember the rocket launcher from the PS version? It looks a little different than the one in Gold. I want the graphics for the old one.