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  1. What I mean here is that in tibedit for say red alert 2 i just opened the game and it already had the mod installed. Though, since i have multiple mods for the game i suppose just closing automatically when i play the mod would be a nice touch.
  2. So far I have only used this for a day and it is alot easier to manage now then 5b. Iv not run in to many problems so far, however a few things might help improve this over all. i dont know if it can be done with such a large amount of data but i have to open tibedit and leave it open while i play the game (unless i go back and close it). Another thing is i didn't look very hard but i cant find some of the gdi stuff you know like nod other and scrin other. The only real problem i had with the software was the weapon templet i changed something and it messed up everything i went to a new mod and snaged the orginal code and replaced it but it still would not work so i dont know about that. but anyways i love tibedit iv been using them for years. thanks for all the time puy in to these things.