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  1. Yes Savear, I have also experienced that problem as well, i do not think it is hard code... i do beleive it has to do with the capability of Tibed, And trust me have no fear im sure KOEN is hard @ work with his next update, dont quote me on it but im pretty sure KOEN is on the case... a few other weapons i experienced editing was the obelisk in general, even creating a new faction and trying to edit that way was not happening... Also what kind of modding were you trying? ***CJ***
  2. Hey Koen how is the new update commin along? Is it gonna b just like the generals GUI or are you gonna throw in some craziness..lol just poppin in to see how goes it later man *** CJ ***
  3. Checked the updated site and it is very clear about tibed 2 supporting C&C 3 editing. Now on to bigger conversations ..lol Do you know when the GUI release wil be done or maybe even a Estimated Time of Arrival ? Or Maybe even a teaser Screen Shot, now that would be cooL . I tried to use Mod SDK and i got so confused in trying to get it to work i just said the H*ll with it!! lmao. But now i major Mod Question:: Well i am glad that i could help you in your Project and i will continue to turn the program inside out and see what i can find Let me know if there is anything i can do for you CJ
  4. Good point. This is my major weakness - promotion. Anyway, starting from the next version, the user will get a warning message when .NET Framework v2 is not installed on the machine. Hahahahaha... its OK.. No worries. Developing software for a game that is OMG so freaking awesome is tough work!! and then updating a website too JEEZ thats one full plate. Not to mention you probably have a FT Job as well so everyone has to understand. If not use the Program, then try and mod the freeking by hand!!! and wonder and ponder on how or where in the hell a person would even START to program something so sophisticated... Any ways that is my way of saying WAY TO GO KOEN.. you are doing a bang up job, on just what you have so far! NOTE# i have started the mod project middle earth., so far ehhhh but once you throw out a more tibed GUI like version i will have to suffice with cost increases and decreases other than that i do not know where or how to even begin on anything outside of tibed .. but here is a way to update your website... underneath your C&C 3 Category where it says : UPDATE* Tibed 3 in development .... Have a Beta version Release try it out and post bugs in the tibed forum... maybe even add a tibed 3 forum... just some thoughts and ideas... i wish i had programmer languages so i could take some of the burden off but alas i have none but i do know some html skills... would love to join your team to help out where i can just think on it and see what you think CJ
  5. I didn't know that framework 2.0 needed to be installed, I will do that within the next hour. I will respond back and post results tonight... Thank you *** btw it is in the menu for the launching*** just for the heads up (An maybe update your website..lol) unless u doin this on the down low and i luv tibed 2 it works wonders for generals and zero hour...
  6. Python Script Engine output <--- edited by Koen to remove irrelevant parts --> ================================================================================ {Build} Temporary directory assigned: c:docume~1masterlocals~1temptmpscnlas {Build} Temporary directory proper name: c:Documents and SettingsMasterLocal SettingsTemptmpscnlas {Build} Copying CnC3XML files to build environment... {Build} Copying Mod SDK to build environment... {Build} Copying mod files into build environment... {Build} Launching build script... Command = 'BuildModThroughTibEd.bat middleearth' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mod Name: middleearth Current folder: c:Documents and SettingsMasterLocal SettingsTemptmpscnlas Building Mod Data... Operation result=ASSETBUILDERFAILED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Build} Last output line: 'Operation result=ASSETBUILDERFAILED' {Build} Build script return code: 0 {Build} Copying BIG file: 'c:Documents and SettingsMasterLocal SettingsTemptmpscnlasbuiltmodsmodsmiddleearth.big' to 'C:Documents and SettingsMasterMy DocumentsCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium Warsmodsmiddleearthmiddleearth.big'... Traceback (most recent call last): File "../../edittree/libTibEd__init__.py", line 31, in mainMenuFunction File "C:DOCUME~1MasterLOCALS~1Temptibscript2.py", line 23, in menuBuild File "C:DOCUME~1MasterLOCALS~1Temptibscript2.py", line 181, in buildMod File "../../installerPython/buildzip/tempshutil.py", line 46, in copyfile IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'c:Documents and SettingsMasterLocal SettingsTemptmpscnlasbuiltmodsmodsmiddleearth.big' --------------------------------------------------------- This is what i get when i try to build a mod.. i have the modsdk 4.0 updated world builder & game version 1.09 i tibed 2 beta5 d i dont know where i am going wrong neither.. and all im tryin to do is lower build costs as a test and thats what i get... someone please help me ** CJ **