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    Possible C&C : X FPS Footage?

    That is true. Besides this, and the job listings for C&C: X, there's no real confirmation that'll it come out. I personally think it's pretty likely though. I think EA wants to start really pushing Command & Conquer as one of its biggest franchises, and to do that, it'll help them to have more than one game in it that is actually less than four and a half years old. C&C was more or less dead in the time span between Zero Hour and C&C 3 (and for purists like me, Yuri's Revenge in 2001 was the last true C&C RTS released before C&C 3). In order to reinvigorate the Command & Conquer brand, it'll also help for the brand to once again stretch into the FPS genre. Even if I am just clutching at straws though, I'm going to remain hopeful. As I said in my previous post, I really did love Renegade and I've been looking forward to a follow up to it for a long time.
  2. Zoidberg

    Possible C&C : X FPS Footage?

    Actually, I'd say that proves you were wrong, and the video was made for a yet to be released C&C game. Consider that it was a game that according to him was "WAY down the line" and he made it a year and a half ago. A year and a half ago, C&C 3 was not "WAY down the line", it was only 10 months from being released. However, a game like C&C: X which will probably come out in late 2008 or 2009 is definitely something that could be considered "WAY down the line" in May 2006. Also, it appears that EA's lawyers have made him take it down. While it's possible that they don't want an internal early concept piece for C&C 3 being leaked out, I'd say it's much more likely that they don't want an early concept piece for C&C: X being leaked out since C&C: X hasn't even been officially announced. Basically, I'm very hopeful that it'll be another C&C FPS, because I loved Renegade, and that video looks awesome (It looks like a nice mesh of Tiberian Sun and C&C 3).