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    Problems with slow running c&c

    seem to have found the problem , partially i installed Zero hour again from a clean new copy of c&c generals zero hour i sent my mobo to repairs, and got back a new 1, the internetports weren't very healthy , and now it seems that the lagg is cleared up for bout 70% i still got a small delay- but it is playable
  2. killabeat

    Problems with slow running c&c

    i run windows vista business the game worked fine a year ago but i had other grapha card installed then, and other hard drive, and other dvd player , and other memory,
  3. killabeat

    Problems with slow running c&c

    it was a self made iso , i got experience with iso's i installed it through the ISO, and it still didn't have any luck so the c&c files aren't damaged but what is making it slow i see GAMEROSD running in the background, since i installed my graphics card but i also formatted windows, so i don't know exactly what is the problem.
  4. killabeat

    Problems with slow running c&c

    i used multiple cd's of c&c even an ISO file made a year ago . i only recieve the problem during online play with players- singleplayer is fine
  5. killabeat

    Problems with slow running c&c

    c&c 3 works just fine , with + 70fps the problem only happens on c&c zero hour and c&c generals all other games are fine so it's the game marathon games isn't the problems, the problem already shows when the game starts. i tried reinstalling it, even tried to copy a c&c version of my friend, still didn't work tried to patch everything manually (1.0 to 1.1 to.....) and i tried c&c decade, still nothing
  6. when i boot up my C&C generals zero hour, i get a nice clean Framerate but when i want to go online, change settings, or anything else the background 'movie' slows down dramasticly when i play in a network every gets lagged like hell thx to my pc because he is chopping everything like hell my pc meets the requirements, 3.2ghz cpu 7800gts 256mb 2gb ram P5W mobo the stuff that would normally run the heaviest game on planet earth, i only have this problem with c&c i can play counterstrike fine with almost 0 skippage of framerates