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  1. Hexxagonal

    C&C Reborn Teaser

    I can't wait. I'm not one for the Red Alert universe, so Reborn is way more interesting to me than a path beyond.
  2. Hexxagonal

    New Tiberium FPS Screens & Concept Art

    Remember though that when they came out with C&C Renegade they changed the look of things quite a bit to fit in with the first person view. They'll probably take the exact same creative license here even the two games will most likely have nothing in common (hardly even a team in common). Knowing the C&C franchise they'll just claim the difference is due to it being set at a slightly later/earlier period than X game.
  3. Hexxagonal

    Possible C&C : X FPS Footage?

    The video was removed... was it this video?
  4. Hexxagonal

    Favourite mod

    I'm a reborn fan.
  5. I had this friend who used to play w/o radar at all because it was the "pure" way to play. I always thought it was so funny when he would NEVER see us coming. Nothing else really funny ever happenned to me in this game though. I always hate when people turn on me though like the ones earlier... but when you do it... so funny.
  6. Hexxagonal

    C&C FPS: Tiberium Gallery Online

    I decided to start a site about the game, since I was a HUGE Renegade fan and am loving the idea of another completely different take on the series as an FPS. I ran across this video. Do you guys think it's a leaked trailer? I have never seen it before. It seems that it was posted last week on YouTube.