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    Zero hour vista problems

    Answered my own question. My ZoneAlarm firewall had picked up to block the connection by C&C Generals. ZoneAlarm did not alert to the screen just silently blocked and the only indication of a security problem was the OS message "access denied". Pretty sure that this happens on its own without me denying access, so ZoneAlarm was deciding to block access. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone who encounters the same problem.
  2. Running Zero hour I have a problem to run the game. The game at first worked OK, but I now receive the below message: Access Is Denied CreateProcess(c:userssmithsixyzappdatalocaltemp~5ed141.t I've tried re-installing, re-patching, running in compatability mode for Windows XP and running as an administrator. If anyone has an understanding of what could be the problem, I would be very grateful for their assistance. PS I did do a google search, but was unable to find an example of my exact problem. Thanks