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    I like making legos,plus storylines and alot more
  1. Icarus

    I'm Back

    I'm sorry for the long wait but its going to be longer because my bro cause me the fix my coumptuer and lost all memory
  2. Icarus

    I'm Back

    I making but it lookes choopy and i'm sorry for that but 'm 15 and my voice is bad so sorry for crappy voice and i don't know every thing about the making of a lego video but i'm learning but the 2nd show will have tiberium and i think i spelled that wrong and maybe there will be 10 show in a season (expect the last one)
  3. Icarus

    I'm Back

    Hello, some people my not know me because I've been missing in the forums. So i've been look for new stuff and found theat the lego videos will stop. So i chose to start making my own(I said that before i was missing so sorry). But it some random story line that will have tiberium and other stuff in it.I'm almost done with the first show all i need is to do the voices and i'm done. So wait for a day or two so i can finish. So yea, wait
  4. I have a problem with my laptop were i was in a rush to turn it off, it was doing updates and i have one electirc siwth plug with the cord and the and the 5 cord plugings and i turned that off so there was no power go to the laptop and i have that c000021a 0xc000026c error and blue screen and the srien sound. I have a toshiba satellite A65 series.Cna any one help and sorry for bad speeling and gammer
  5. Um, Zee did you stop making lego videos or something
  6. Icarus

    The new Economy model

    What if the money is like in generals then empire of the rising sun can move bases then they could move to a new oil ore thing(i dont know what's it called) the they can get to the money without being attack by moving a mcv to a new spot other than the sea because you need to buy it there i guess so they will win long matchs it the oil ore thing run out they move. It's like yuri with those damn ore factorys.
  7. Ok i'm making a website and can find a place to a code for a froum can any one help me
  8. Icarus


    Also does F secure do anything please help
  9. Icarus


    Ok i have the The first decade and i got shockwawe for ZH and the install EXE doesnt run and when i try to throw in the bin it keeps saying that its on a disc so i don't know what to do
  10. Icarus


    I feel down now a days because i think that cnc3 is bad. CNC 3 = maybe RA3 I play the DS, but i has like short battery time and after 2000 charges it's dead or if you put in the charger,(well i like to say its life support) so yea.I'm board :banghead:
  11. Icarus

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday to Nathyel Ok, I'm not go do the rest of the song But have a good birthday
  12. No in the end you show the bunker place and one of them throws a rock at cabal and kane is missing
  13. Icarus

    Create A General :)

    Well i dont want too many legs or you would see to thing!
  14. Icarus

    Create A General :)

    Ok here's my general he works for MJ-12 General 51(code name) Infantry 1.Cyborg 2.missile drone 3.jumpjet soldier 4.Mini tripod 5.spider cyborg Tanks 1.Alien speeder 2.Tripod 3.Walker tank 4.tank bot 5.Eagle tank 5.Nuke tank :cc: 6.Apc 7.AIV (anti-infantry vechile) 8.Robot laser Horse 9.Alien Hextripod (it has 8 legs,3 lasers,nuke gun,Hex gun(it kill any thing in its path)) buildings 1.Hanger 18 2.power plant 3.Barrack 41 4.GPS 5.Air base 6.Alien tech center 7.Factory 90 8.Alien blaster(a superweapon) 9.tunnels.hu Aircrafts 1.Alien fighter 2.UFO 3.Super UFO fighter plane(ufo plane hybrid) Extras 1.Alien warrior(lizard like thing that stands up and fires poison needles) 2.Alien human(a human that have been transformed in a human like alien) General powers 1.Alien warrior,Alien human 3.Alien lander(drops 1,3,5,tripods),Alien life sucker(kills every thing in the area for 10,20,40 sec) 5.Alien warship attack(blows up every thing in the area) Yeah, He's works for mj-12 and has alien tach