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  1. nightpish

    Favourite RA3/Uprising Unit!

    The Dreadnaught is kick ass... Loved it in RA2, love it in RA3
  2. nightpish

    Windows 7 - Will You Be Upgrading?

    I've been running Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on my laptop for a month now and it's so damn sexy. I had trouble activating it, but it was soon resolved. The system is very responsive and PS Lightroom does much better job now. RA2/YR run without any problems, the same is valid for TW/KW and RA3. Haven tried TS and TD, but they should be working with the thipx32.dll fix for XP. When I get back home for the Holidays I'll surely upgrade my home PC to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and my laptop too, but for now I'm sticking with the 32-bit version.
  3. nightpish

    YR on widescreen

    It won't run correctly on 1366*768 (WXGA) Any solution?
  4. nightpish

    Compilation of C&C4 units

    The Scorpion tank looks awlfuly cheesy. I don't like it at all...
  5. nightpish

    No harvesting?

    Well if they make it an ending it must be a damn good one...
  6. nightpish

    No harvesting?

    C'mon guys I know you agree on that...
  7. No harvesting is SO UNCOOL...
  8. Aahh! This trailer is awesome. I hope this time EA get it right (RA3 was good and is good, but the upgrades from C&C3 are something that I missed). Hope to see this time active flora and fauna.
  9. nightpish

    An Expanison for Red Alert 3?

    Well it surely needs an expansion since the campaign was quite short... Only 9 missions per side, RA2 was with 12 missions per side.
  10. nightpish

    An Expanison for Red Alert 3?

    LOL Kane's wrath will revenge you all :DDD No there will be an expansion for sure. That's EA for God's sake!
  11. nightpish

    So, thoughts on the game?

    Well I feel like back in the old days with RA2. The new addition is so far the best game that was made from EALA! It has the very useful sidebar of C&C3, but has the look and atmosphere of a real C&C game!
  12. Looking at the HD version of the movie makes me feel awesome! So far, so good! Let's hope EA stick to the expectation of the fans!
  13. Well added it just now! I have the feeling that 16th May will be teh day! RA3 trailer and KISS concert in my town. And guess what RA3 and the KISS gig were announced at the same day!
  14. Well EA are bugged it won't open with neither IE or Firefox
  15. nightpish

    Red Alert and the batman franchise

    Me iz having teh feeling that RA3 would be rocking, but Tiberium, ermmm I have no good feeling bout it.