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    Help editing CNC3

    Yes! Thank you, the UnpackTime line was it.
  2. Okay, I was able to add another Zone Trooper by going into Object Creation List and then Zone Trooper (squad). Thanks for the help!
  3. Ah, I meant riflemen. Was probably thinking of Zero Hour or something... Where is the code you posted? I looked in the Object Creation List and Special Power Template, and the Drop Pod in those didn't have those lines.
  4. APurpleCow

    Help editing CNC3

    Uhm, don't know. Is that such a long time then? Well, I was just thinking that if the nuke hit faster, I would be able to fire more nukes in a set amount of time, and would basically emulate having two nukes at once.
  5. APurpleCow

    Help editing CNC3

    Ah =/ Well, is there anyway to reduce the time between when the nuke fires and when the nuke hits?
  6. A few questions... 1) How would I make it so that the Zone Trooper drop pod drops 3 zone troopers and a ranger? 2) How would I make it so that Nod's tech lab acts as a hub (like a Laser Turret) for 4 Obelisks?
  7. APurpleCow

    Help editing CNC3

    I set the reload timer on Nod's Nuclear Missile to one second, but then when it is fired the button is grey and I can't fire another one until the first nuke explodes. Any ideas on how to fix this?