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  1. Well, I'll still get it.
  2. Jason

    The new Economy model

    As long as base defenses don't move.
  3. Well I should be getting Support, I pay for my online Service! (XBL)
  4. With ra2 being easy and TW/KW Being hard, how easy is it to mod Generals? I was thinking that so when I build my computer,and get the 10th Anny C&C, I could make a generals mod.(After my RA2 mod.)
  5. I was also thinking, do you think that they would releace a special edition C&C just for modders?(Pipe dream?)
  6. Well, I have seen 3d inf in ra2. I would hope that Ra3 would be easer to mod, even if i have to wait. I'm still working on my ra2 mod (started last week. lol)
  7. I wasn't planing to, I was just going to put what I think is cool. In total I was going to make only a few things new. Most of it will be re skined versions of there original form, and Other things that look better IMO.
  8. Jason

    Upcoming Sequels and You

    Super Robot Taisen Original Generations Gaiden PS3
  9. Jason

    Fight of the Century: MUGEN

    I am a major MUGEN fan, I actually have a full game in the works before my comp broke. If you need a hand, I'll dispence my MUGEN know-how. I also go to a major Mugen forum "Mugen Infantry" as Zengar Zombolt.
  10. Jason

    UaW 360 Demo Hits Live Marketplace

    I tried it, and I cant seem to get much more than the traning mode. It freezes on other modes and I have to return to the dashboard. can someone help?
  11. No I mean Quite litterally, those are the 360 loading screens.
  12. Well, I was actually going for a half conversion With a mix of few new units, redesign old and old. My mod would also have a new Country Hero Unit where a skirmish mode would have a unique hero for each nation. I'll make a new post about it once I have a better idea of what is staying and going. As for balance, I was going to make it my way, and let the community tell me what to change, yet still keeping the units original purpose in mind. thanks for this. No, I don't like the "Mk-2" idea. If I change something, I'll give it a new name, or add an extra word.
  13. I read the round table, yet I wounder, Will RA3 be as fun to mod as RA2? or will it be the catasrophy KW is.
  14. Ohhh.....This will not be pritty.
  15. Three of them are just the 360 loading screens! you got shafted. (Though not like us.)