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  1. Sorry, I haven't had time to make screenshots yet. I'll upload them soon.
  2. OMG! so many questions! Most of you're questions are answered in the Final Alert help thingie and if you're not using Final Alert then you should. I will help a bit but if you're not using FA some of this won't work. 1. If by "survival" you are meaning one-player maps and they aren't showing up, you need to name them the right thing, look at help. 2. You change the house to whatever house is player controlled, see edit>houses to see which one, default america. 3. Make a taskforce with wanted units + infantry then make a team that includes that taskforce (you can make them veteran here) then make a trigger where the effect is "reinforcement by chrono" with your team selected and the event is "any event" which will set it off straight away at the start. 4. Look at help, for MCV deploy you have event "if building exists" or similar and action "play sound" or something. 5. look at 3 6. not sure, try making a repeating trigger with event attached to building and effect "add one-time special weapon", make more effects and add different specials. 7. I think you would need to use a mod editor like TibEd for that. 8. Use TibEd 9. Try number 6 10. Use TibEd
  3. This is my first Red Alert 2 map (apart from the completely crazy single-player map I made which works until 10,000 monkeys chrono into one square and freeze the game, (Don't worry, this map has only got 5 chrono monkeys and you won't even see them unless you've got a helicopter or spy sat)). Well, here's the link, over there---------------------------------------> No-Man's City.mpr If you have any Improvement suggestions they will be welcome. The name for this map comes from "No-Man's Land" which is in the middle of a battle field. This time a city is caught in the middle. If you don't know what to do with a .mpr file you stick it in you're RA2 directory. SCREENSHOTS!!!! Damn! this forum doesn't display more than 10 images. image004go9.jpg image002gl5.jpg image003ae4.jpg image004go9.jpg
  4. Lexon

    How to make medics in RA2

    Thanks, I'll try that. And I found why the starting GIs turned into monkeys, I cloned it from the GI so they were already set to "multi player start" and I accidentally set the image to "josh" which is the monkey.
  5. I have tried to make a medic by giving it a weapon that does -10 damage but when I test it half the starting GIs turn into monkeys! How can I fix this?