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  1. Yay! Only after two years? wow seems like a long long time since I watched the old ones. A good return teaser I think
  2. Yay! These tracks are awesome mixes. I've had them before but were lost in a HDD failure. For sure they will bring memories
  3. Happy 2011 everyone! Best wishes for C&C this new year.
  4. G0NE2W4R

    CNCNZ.com - The Veteran Returns

    The cursor looks nice. I preferred the old font better though.
  5. My first RTS was Dune 2000. I played it at a friends house and loved it so much I would bother him to let me play it. I remember he would prefer playing Red Alert but I was more into the sci-fi of Dune 2000. Good memories.
  6. For me, this music fits more with Star Wars or something like that ... it's not so bad I guess.
  7. Dune 2000 got me hooked with RTS Brings back youthful memories...
  8. Nice trailer, does seem like an epic ending...hopefully EA doesn't disappoint.
  9. G0NE2W4R

    C&C 4 Cinematic Trailer Debuts Soon

    Those are some pretty Scrin-looking towers
  10. Woah, now it looks kinda cool...imma try to get into that beta today Tho some of the explosions and cannon fires are weak, and I still get that Emperor : Battle For Dune feeling. Honestly, doesn't look like C&C anymore. But meh, imma have to check it out thoroughly in the beta before i make final judgments....
  11. The design is alright, but the Tiberian Sun Obelisk was overall my favorite. LOL at lasers powering other Obelisks...like if they were prisms. They messed around too much with the effects, now its not serious or realistic like it should have.
  12. Voted for all ! Good luck to all the C&C mods and merry x-mas
  13. Flying Tiberium crystals? From where and from who? The old harvesting method is not fictional...its actually more realistic than this new mechanic, although interesting.
  14. lol seriously that cyborg is a joke....what in the world are they thinking making stupid stuff like that.