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  1. my friend not ofense but australia is not a country strong to fight againts USA European and Soviets, if you tell me a Block of Asian country ok is a faction but australian along please, what is going to use kooala infantery, kangooro tanks and boomerang airplanes, ???????
  2. noahangel21

    orca gun

    My friend i thing is a radar or a canon to drop the sensor pod
  3. noahangel21

    What is your favorite unit?

    Nod Avatar and Redemer look cool, but for estrategie Flame tank with stealth cloak and stealth tank
  4. noahangel21

    Strange things in CC3

    i Have other when you have militan inside a bunker and upgrade with a confesor, half of the confesor is out and the other half is in.
  5. Ok in the history Line GDI are all the more stronger nations of the world like USA, Ingland, Germany ect. and NOD are all the 3th world nation, but if you compare the tecnology of the last two tiberian wars. You see something interesting. GDI: Rail Guns. Sensor Pod. Stratofigthers Booster. Sonic Technology. Ion Cannon. Bombard Techonology. Firestorm Tecnology. Shockwave Tecnology. Artillery Tecnology. Infantery Armor and weapon upgrades. Orca Aircraft technology. Heavy tank strategy ( Mammoth Tank and Titan ) Antigravity Tanks Jump Jet Infantery VS NOD: Tiberian Technology ( tiberian liquid Bomb and Tiberian Infantery Upgrades). Nuclear Technology. Laser Technology. Subterranean Technology. Stealth Technology. Mines Technology. Fire tecnology. Fanatics Tactics. Confusion Tactics. Cyborg Tecnology. Artillery Technology. Plasma Technology. Multiple Misiles tactics. Avatar upgrades tactics. Fast tanks Units. Shadow Silence air Tactics. For my the technology of NOD is very avance the same like GDI only the units are lest stronger, what is your opinion and if a forget something
  6. noahangel21

    Two Question Epic Units

    ok it can, is the important thing remember some battle are with many stronger units maybe if we care they can get a high level
  7. Ok is near the lauch of kane wrath, but i have two important question, First how many is going to cost the epic unit ?? and Second if the epic units became veteran ???? if that for example the marv in the maximun level is very very dificult to destroy
  8. If you take time you will see many error that the pacth no fixed for example with GDI jugernauts if you are in lower section of a mountain and fire the shoot croos the mountain and hit in the foot of the enemy , put other things interesting then
  9. noahangel21

    The Best Epic Unit!

    I vote for the redemer first is my favorite faction, and second Nod is a Faction to play with many tactics and the redemer complete that, faction like GDI is for Noob only with force destroy a base
  10. noahangel21

    Music from CC3

    No my friends i now that no have music something like of a sample of music
  11. noahangel21

    Why ?

    Hello i am player wo like NOD but i dont understand why EA make the Female command with only one eye and patch, is was a command she need to look great with and armor and helmet like knigth or something great, and the milicia please, so tell me what is your opinion of the unit looks
  12. noahangel21

    First faction you will play as

    Of course mark of kane NOD Rules kane live :cnc3:
  13. noahangel21

    Music from CC3

    yes i now is no so good like ra2 or tiberium sun but only i want to listen and have so if somebody have music or now were i can get them tell me please
  14. noahangel21

    Help pacth 1.09

    Hi if somebody can help me, i have cc3 but a copy not the original, and play normaly but i want to install the pach 1.09, when i install that patch went i load the game give a error no dvd put the dvd, if somebody now what to to tell me. PS and dont tell me buy the original because i live in centroamerica and here any store have the tiberian wars
  15. noahangel21

    Help with patch 1.09

    i goint to trie but the problem is i no have the original DVD i Have a burnDVD a copy of the original and my friend give me a crack of the game, but i wanna to prove the patch thanks