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  1. PLEASE be a reboot and be good.......preferable a reboot starting with C&C 3 or 4
  2. Red Blitzkrieg

    The other alien race..

    I love ot that the new game goes back to GDI and Nod interaction, but I hope there's a big expansion(s) that goes in depth with the scrin.
  3. Red Blitzkrieg

    C&C4 Black Hand - new wallpaper!

    this. looks. AMAZING!
  4. Red Blitzkrieg

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    Well I kinda like this. Least there'll be more fighting and action
  5. Red Blitzkrieg

    Is C&C4 losing its seriousness?

    I think it's just as serious as it's ever been. Heck it looks freaking awesome.
  6. Red Blitzkrieg

    Command & Conquer 4 - First Details!

    This is going to be more epic than Chuck Norris.
  7. Red Blitzkrieg

    Hi-Res C&C 4 Screen Shot and Concept Art

    These screen shots are WICKED
  8. Red Blitzkrieg

    First Command & Conquer 4 Fan Wallpapers

    In the words of Bingham, Bloody well done
  9. Red Blitzkrieg

    So now that E3 is over...

    Splinter Cell, ME2. CoD4 MW2, Metal Gear Rising, Halo ODST. Halo Reach. Assassins creed 2, Star Wars Republic Heroes, Batman Arkham Asylum
  10. Red Blitzkrieg

    New RA3 Unit - The "Mammoth Tank"

    it's rather amusing
  11. I keep waiting for him to do a old Anorld...schwartzinager(sp?)....impression
  12. Red Blitzkrieg

    Flair vs Bear: The Final Round

    ........I was expecting the bear to either win or put up more of a fight..........
  13. Red Blitzkrieg

    New Maps for Red Alert 3 Added

    pretty nice maps.
  14. Red Blitzkrieg

    GDI Kodiak in Battlestar: Galactica Finale

    that could be law suit worthy......but that's only if West Wood was still round since their team made it........*has moment of silence*......more of a SG fan too