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    3D Model Renders

    Nope, but I am learning how to skin.
  2. Hi. I registered in Cold War Crisis' forums like a year ago to see their progress and till this day I think its the best strategy mod ever (if not a game). The team only has like 6 members, and they work hard to finish the mod, but are overwhelmed with collage and social life. The team got a chance to go to Leipzig in 2005, shortly before they released a demo, containing one 10 min. mission, but those 10 min. you would never forget. They also got a chance to participate in GameFlood Contest where you can win money. They got into the second place in the best strategy mod, and won $1000. They already have finished the two sides (USA and USSR) but have nothing done for the European side. Since they have worked 4 years already, they decided not to do it. There were alot of forum members and beta testers who decided to gather what skills they have and make the third faction. The team agreed on that decision, and said that they will not help this European Project, but still monitor the mod. The team has only 1 modeler, who is me, and the other guys are learning to code, map, and so on. So if you guys CAN help, and if you WANT to help, please do so. Right now we are in need of texturers, coders, and modelers. This is a serious thing, because this mod is famous. CWC is near its first release, so you should grab it and see it's gameplay.
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    KW 360 Price

    Do you know why?
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    The Best Epic Unit!

    Redeemer must be the best in action. With its Rage Generator it can make enemy units fire at each other, so even when the MARV or Hexapod is comming in group with other units, Redeemer will kill them.
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    Kid Crying Over Halo 3

    OMG, thats why I hate Halo.
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    3D Model Renders

  7. Fearless

    3D Model Renders

    Hi guys I am new here. My real name is Aydynbek, and I am 14, I know how to make models and I take part in Battle for Dune mod for Ren. and Cold War Crisis Europe Project. Here is my modeling experience: http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/4787/leopard23sg8.jpg Both are for the fan based CWC mod.