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    My interests range from hanging out with friends and family to making IPB skins to web design to graphic design to video games to all sorts. Rawr.

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  1. Kibax

    Ho Hum

    Apoc told me himself the beta is in June 09!!!! NOT LONG NOW!
  2. Kibax

    different apocalypse tank

    I like it, apart from the swollen bits at the end of each barrel.
  3. Kibax


    I honestly believe that RA3 is going to really show how EALA can support games. I know that TW/KW have pretty much been left for RA3 and that is unfortunate but I believe RA3 is going to set the precedent in game support. EALA is hiring a dedicated LIVE team to patch their games, are getting new forums, a new central C&C portal with pages for each of the games. All together it promises to greatly improve support for future games. I know I sound like an EA salesman but I really believe RA3 is the start of a new age!!!
  4. Kibax

    best thing in ra3

    The Worldbuilder, it sounds AWESOME!
  5. Kibax

    The new Economy model

    I loved them.
  6. As long as they are developed by EA. I think games that EA published but didn't develop like Crysis are a bit more, not sure though.
  7. Kibax

    Generals 2

    I'm still waiting for Generals 2, booya.
  8. Kibax

    Unit "Turn Animation" and response

    Of course people will want turn animations, simply seeing a unit magically change direction is what you expect from RA2.
  9. Never posted in here so I thought I should. Hi!
  10. Very nice feature, congrats to the elites.
  11. I'd like to be involved in the round table discussion, I'm an admin over at EZEGaming and I'm part of Apoc's mod team so I'd like to think I qualify. Man I'm slow on responses today, last reply in march, ouch!
  12. I think it's safe to assume this isn't the real Apoc, he wouldn't react like that, nor would he have any reason to post "testing testing testing".
  13. There's a lot of areas with just black, can these be changed? Stuff like the bar above my name, you could use a repeating tile to make it look a little bit better and more in touch with the blue theme.
  14. Kibax

    What now?

    Generals was a great game.
  15. Kibax

    360 outrage

    Helpful. Yes 360 users have been shafted, why I don't know, but they have. Maybe KW will be treated better, but I really doubt TW 360 will be updated.