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  1. i think Apoc should have at least replied with saying sorry but these cant be added to KW because...etc..etc.. rather then just ignoor you. Maby an OMC that should count 80% scripts and would be based on fun factor i think that would be cool, but the problem with that is that not very many people know how to script. so probly not. oh and i have a question for u JBV3737 how do u do your mini maps like the official TW maps insted of the straight top down veiw and take a picture?
  2. Well, i came 2nd thats still amazing . I actully didnt expect to get this far in OMC4, since ive been only mapping on WorldBuilder for about a year. maby ill win in OMC5 for RA3 or somthing lol. good job to JBV3737 #1 map is a sick map! He's got 5 years expeirence on me in WorldBuilder.
  3. yea its such a shame, it would have been a good grand prize. I know im getting a little bit off topic but how many emails have u sent Apoc Reguarding the maps that were sent in and you getting no response? becuase it seems many from what i can tell.
  4. KingBase

    Mental Omega mod

    its not over rated. i was one of the people who beta tested the versions and gave feedback on the mod. probly the funnest RA2 mod ever.
  5. yea i agree, they should at least add one of the omc4 maps into KW during a patch or somthing. Apoc said he would review them and ect. etc. But all it seems is all you get is a congrats and he says that these are works of art. period. (he knows how to disapoint people.) i could not even think of a reason why not to include them in, becuase there are probly only gonna be like 10 extra maps in KW then there was in TW and thats still very few compared to other C&C games. theres should not be any reasons why they cant edit those map themselfs maby to add more tiberium or tech or whatever it may be. but anyways when i wake up in the moring ill find out if my map came in 1st or 2nd. KingBase vs. JBV3737,KB Corrupted States vs Wind of Desolation. hehehe im exited.