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  1. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    HansOConner, that's because the installer on page 1 is checking for the English cd. PM me and I can get something worked out. Sorry it's taken so long for the French version guys, I got a new job and haven't had time to work on it much lately.
  2. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    Whoops, I thought this was covered by Westwood's FAQ but I guess it's only in the late notes on the cd... From what I've read about the WinG library, I think everything is drawn to a buffer in chunks (top half at 320x240, and bottom half at 320x240) and then displayed on the screen. This probably would have made it too difficult/slow to do in higher resolutions so they just left it at 640x480.
  3. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    Eh? The install size should be 188 MB; it tells you this during setup. How were you determining the size, by selecting all the visible files or by right clicking on the Monopoly folder? The files that would normally be on the CD are marked as hidden to make the save dialog box more manageable (I found it annoying to have to scroll down to see all my saves). Also, what do you mean by small picture? Shame on you, this isn't Windows 3.1 when you want to remove something use the uninstaller. To fix it so you can reinstall open regedit.exe and delete the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{060ED825-E3F4-47A4-945A-4034D9192673}_is1" key and don't go deleting folders anymore.
  4. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    bumping... see post 1 for the US English installer using the CD. French version will be posted whenever I get the dialog boxes fixed.
  5. Doubtful, PowerPC processors back in that day weren't powerful enough for Intel instruction emulation. The only reason why games these days get away with using a Windows executable on Mac OS X is because the newer Macs have Intel processors and it uses a modified version of Wine (Cedega/Cider? I forget which) which also wasn't very mature at the time.
  6. Aroenai

    1.06c development topic

    Do you mean a voice pack with British accents? Honestly though, I don't see any reason for that. If a character was meant to be British, they'd have a British accent in the original English recordings...
  7. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    I haven't had a chance to work very much on this yet, I've been trying to find an internship and get the homework done for my online class but from playing around with the French version I noticed a few differences. The most noticeable difference so far has been that the board isn't animated in the French version, in other words any spaces that have special animations (ex. water works splashes around like it's printed on water, or the community chest opening and closing) remain static. I suspect it's the same for the other languages.
  8. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    Doctor Destiny and/or Sonic: Would it be alright if I posted the Inno Setup script I've been working on, or something along the lines of an installer that reads and copies all the files off the original cd (like what http://sierrahelp.com/ does)? For the second option I would need some help detecting which cd drive to copy files from since I'm not that familiar with Inno Setup or Pascal scripting. This game has a 16-bit installer (so it won't work on most new computers since they're running 64-bit) and the game's exe would have to be modified to work on Windows NT based OS's (it crashes on start because of a privileged instruction, plus many windows had to be repositioned because of the gui themes in XP/Vista/7). Information about this game is scarce and I'm sure it would help those who own the game, not to mention users on netbook computers.
  9. Aroenai

    Games to get this 2011

    I order of want: Little Big Planet 2 Portal 2 Pokemon Black & White Okamiden The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Infamous 2 Lego Star Wars III
  10. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    Wait, does the DOS version of C&C have that parameter too? This game came out before Gold and ran on Windows 3.1 with the Win32s addon. Looking at the disassembly I don't think it has any command line parameters, the CD detection relies on detecting the first drive letter with type 5 (CD-ROM) and the only code for setting the CD path is right after it. I was looking at a NoCD hack for the game by another person where they copied the hard drive path string variable to the CD path string variable and it broke the game (all players start with $0 and can't gain any money), you're welcome to take a look at it but the only way I was able to get it working was to replace every instance of the CD path with the one for the hard drive.
  11. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    You're welcome Oh, I'm not actually sure what the defaults are, I'm just going off what some of the help files and other documentation has said. They're all rules available under the international options menu, the rules for Monopoly vary by country so depending on the version there are different defaults set. Each version has the option for enabling all the different rules (required for online play against people in those countries) I just don't know which options were set in each version. I'm sure it's just something in either a .TRE file or in the DLG_xxx.dll (ENG, UK, FRE, or GER) file since they all use the same executable. It'd be possible to make translations just with the US version I have, someone would have to help me figure out the format of the .TRE files though since that's where all the text is stored. The only problem is the videos would always show the US game board. I'd like to make a universal language installer but I don't have access to the other versions, I've seen each on ebay but haven't had the money to buy them
  12. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    Check your PM's Err btw, what's the official forum stance on sharing this game? Also, there are four versions of this game: US English, UK English, German, and French. Each version has different videos and default rules. I only have the US version, so if anyone has any of the others please contact me. Thanks!
  13. Well they had third party controllers with metal joysticks, if you can find any made by InterAct BUY THEM. They're rounded, but I think it feels more comfortable that way. I went over to the dark side and bought a ps3 a while back too, having free online play is nice, they're region free for games (PAL import for Prince of Persia anyone? hehe), and you don't have to worry so much about having the right firmware for blurays. I'm surprised no one mentioned Ratchet & Clank yet, that's another good exclusive series.
  14. Aroenai

    Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    It doesn't use DirectDraw like C&C95 or RA95, it's one of the few games I know of that uses Microsoft's WinG library (the Windows 3.1 back-port of DirectDraw?). I'm just using wing32.dll compiled from the Wine Project's source since it's smaller and I think the original tries to link to wing.dll which is 16-bit. From what I've gathered it's impossible to detect vertical refresh on Windows NT when you're using the GDI to draw it. The code is really simple, I've been working with the version 1.3 patched exe since it's easier to follow than the one on the CD but I've reached the limit of my disassembly knowledge.
  15. Update 9/23/2011: Good news, I finally found a way to copy files directly from the original CD-ROM, I should have checked the Inno Setup newsgroup earlier... oh well, it figures I would find it just after I found a way to compress the whole game down to 98.7 MB. Anyway, here's a list of features: -Windows 64-bit support (32-bit installer) -Original Installer and Uninstaller icons and splash screen -Option to choose between 8-bit and 16-bit sounds (like the original installer) -Game now runs on Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 (game would crash) -Dialog boxes updated to accommodate the Aero theme on Vista/7 (the original didn't have any consistent size or placement and Aero only made things worse with the border size changes it made so dialog boxes were cut off, huge, or misplaced.) -Same for XP's theme -Re-sized icons to avoid the ugly 32x32 to 48x48 scaling that Windows XP and above does -Can be installed in Program Files without causing problems (though that's not the default installation path) -No-CD patched (Netbook users rejoice! CD-ROM required once for installation though, just grab a usb or virtual drive) -Optional Compiled HTML Help (Monopoly.chm) for users without the KB917607 update (Vista/7/2008/etc.) -Smaller WinG32.dll file compiled from Wine's source code (Doesn't need to be in System32) Note, this only supports the US English version for now... the only other version I have access to is the French version but haven't gotten around to fixing up the dialog boxes yet. I essentially have to start from scratch since a lot of the text is different lengths than the English version. Anyone feeling ambitious? Monopoly_32_bit_Installer.zip Edit 9/26/2011: Fixed a bug with the installer, nothing to see here... Original Post: Is anyone else interested in patching Westwood's Monopoly game? I'm working on a new installer to replace the original 16-bit installer that doesn't work on x64. So far I've been able to remove the CD check and get the game to run without crashing on Windows 2000 and above. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 use a lazy fix and ignore exceptions produced by trying to run a privileged instruction (in this case, trying to access the video card to detect vertical refresh) so I've essentially done the same thing by NOP'ing out the instruction. The problem is, it seems like the game uses a high number of CPU cycles (task manager shows 55%) this way, so I'd like to find a better way if possible. Also, it'd be nice to fix the bug where the computer players would keep playing if the last human player goes bankrupt since this prevents you from exiting the game.