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  1. I whooped her last night using Prince Kassad. I started at 10:45 PM and finished at exactly 12:30AM first, construct a barracks in the right corner of your starting position. then build a supply stash BUT stop at 90% then build another... the UNFINISHED supply stash will be attacked by her A-10 strike in which you MUST CANCEL the building as soon as the A-10s start firing. this will give you back your $1500. never ever build any stinger sites. rely on your quad cannons and rpg troopers. you wont be having any probs regarding her comanche attacks.. how can she attack you with her puny helicopters when she CAN'T EVEN see your base (provided that you upgraded everything with camo netting). to stop her first superweapon (on your right), build three angry mobs and two quad cannons. use the mobs to destroy the EMP patriot missile near the oil derrick and to destroy the sentry drones. then use a saboteur to restart the weapon's counter... In my game Alexis sold her superweapon after I sabotaged it. to attack her base, build a SCUD storm and fire on the upper-right portion of the island, the one with 6 powerplants and two EMPs. make sure that the area is cleared. use sneak attack there after destroying the buildings, then load the sneak attack with quad cannons that are GPS Scrambled. then load ur sneak attack with saboteurs RIDING COMBAT CYCLES. use THEM to shut down her base's power so that you can restart her superweapons and her generals powers (by sabotaging her command center) USE ANTHRAX BOMB ONLY WHEN HER POWER IS DOWN. USE IT ON HER AIRFIELD TO MELT THEM IRRITATING AURORA ALPHAS. USE REBEL AMBUSH TO CAPTURE HER PARTICLE UPLINK CANNONS WHEN HER POWER IS DOWN. USE THE QUADS TO DESTROY THE COMANCHES. I only used one SCUD storm. the game ended with me having one particle cannon, a barracks, war factory, two tunnel networks, command center, and one black market. never underestimate the power of the saboteur.. LoL... I enjoyed using them I had at least six restarts on that level. but the level I enjoyed most with Kassad is the fight with the Tank General. Hijackers took care of his Emperors... hope that guide helps...