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    not yet announced and it is just out in some countries
  2. Well i build the Death Star II, send it to Naboo,because it was occupied by the Rebels , i destroyed the spacestation. then i went to Galactic Display, hovered the deathstar II across the destroy slot but then the death star II exploded and also naboo was gone. Normally Naboo would be only gone. What happend..? Why cant i rebuild it anymore? do i need to research it again ? I am at level 5 research level The only thing i could think of that it was IG_88 of the Zahn Consortium that made it explode ? (he can hack the deathstar II)
  3. drdoom

    CNCNZ.com Reviews Kane's Wrath

    was dissappointed aswell about KW; the countries on the 'risk'map should have more been fleshed out and the cities aswell should have be named. There was no borders of countries on the risk map.It was so pale in comparision with the maps shown in c&c 3 campaign maps where you can see where the missions took place.Also you had only nod's view on the missions and you should have had more missions just to see the viewpoint of the others.Ok it is based over a lot of history of c&c universe but still. I got still stuck on last map (13 mission) where you have to capture the tacitus from gdi's base. The problem with the map were the timelimits
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    Petro-Gamers Changes

    i am back just noticed it
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    Starcraft 2?

  6. drdoom

    Universe At War

    i tested in my days when i was active on petrogamers with the name victorvndoom but i didnt like the fact they kept us waiting with the final patch.So i didnt got it yet sofar , i am bit busy with other 'projects' like c&c 3 kain wrath, Star wars EAW/FOC and World of warcraft
  7. drdoom

    Fight of the Century: MUGEN

    found some downloads of it years ago then i lost them because of a harddrive crash and format , i didnt got at that time a stick to transfer them ; but i played them
  8. drdoom

    Kid Crying Over Halo 3

    reminds about the german kids that was aggressive against his computer playing wow because the other player got the drop he wanted http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1108292397223656295
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    Kane's Wrath Poll

    was disappointed because the ending of wrath..and last mission was so undoable
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    yo c&c peeps

    I am drdoom. Maybe you know me of the website Petrogamers. To refresh things i am a person with the asperger syndrome (autism).I recently got C&C 3: kain wrath . I also ended FOC (forces of Corruption)