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  1. Yeah Hi! If I read correctly, you said emuliaion tools. What the hell do you wanna do with those? The only thing I see, is that you can make an image file of the C&C TFD CD, and then mount it. I do not see how that would help, but I know some emuliation tools too: POWERISO and MACIGISO. The easiest way to make an image file, is by using FOLDER2ISO 1.4. It makes all folders into an ISO file. Then you can mount it, but I do not see how that would help. Maybe it's just because you're using Vista. Not all programs works on Vista. I thought you knew that.
  2. Hi everyone out there! I've got the crazy idea, of copying the Laser chain gun model from Renegade into GTA San Andreas, so the laser chain gun can replace the minigun. I've already found out how to open GTA files. It's TXD files. Now I need to find the Renegade weapon skins, but I just can't find them. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me, where they are and how to open them, so I can get those in TXD format too. And If it's possible, I want the "laser beams" from the laser chain gun to replace the bullets in in GTA. And then last of course, I wanna edit the GTA files so that people also burns when shooting at them. I know it's a C&C Forum, but I'd just had to ask the whole world for help. Greetings from Carsten