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  1. Polarity

    the blimping bomb

    If you get a kirov over their base, it's dead (Edit: The base, not the kirov). You'd be better off using its normal attack.
  2. Polarity

    Sig Shop

    You know who...
  3. Polarity


  4. Polarity

    Sig Shop

    Luk3us would, if he knew who I was.
  5. Polarity

    Now Playing - Games

    No multiplayer, but it doesn't need it tbh.
  6. Polarity

    Ho Hum

    You mean July?
  7. Polarity


    Which is exactly why they can't afford to screw up again.
  8. Polarity

    best thing in ra3

    The return to the grid-based system.
  9. Polarity


    My guess is that it will be better supported than CnC3, especially with the new ladder system, website, and forums coming later this year.
  10. Polarity

    different apocalypse tank

    Yep It's all over the official forums, too. Some people are even designing their own to replace the new one
  11. Polarity

    Post Your Internet Speeds

    Stereotypical much?
  12. Polarity

    Sig Shop

    I would like a signature, please. I'm thinking something abstract, maybe to do with RA3. Orange, reds, you get the idea? Thanks
  13. Polarity


    Hey, I'm not really sure what people put in these sorts of topics, so I really don't have any idea what I'm doing right now... Uh, you can call me Polarity I guess. I play RA2. I can't wait for Red Alert 3? That's all, I suppose Hey, these are pretty cool:
  14. Polarity

    Now Playing - Games

    I've been playing CoD4, it's alright I guess. And then there's BioShock... That game is AMAZING! Great storyline, great gameplay, what more can you ask for?
  15. Polarity

    Ho Hum

    He he, I signed up for the beta on the day of Kane's Wrath's release. I just dropped into Target and picked a copy off of the shelf, none of this pre-ordering nonsense. BTW, NDA's up in three weeks, right?