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  1. N00bism

    Usernames in the Beta

    N00bism = N00bKefka
  2. N00bism

    Tesla Coils

    Woah.. Chill... Sounds a bit paranoid.
  3. N00bism


    OMG! Scrin knows iron curtain technology. Could it be graphical bug and glitches?
  4. N00bism

    Tesla Coils

    Pixie Stalin may make some Russian angry but TC theory does start a WW3?
  5. N00bism

    Yeah Im Newbie

    All forum member prefer to read in proper english...
  6. N00bism

    which would've been better?

    Rabid furries owns all!
  7. N00bism

    Your life with out video games?

    I wanna hear a LIVE from 10-year-old chinese boy vs 10-year-old swedish boy.
  8. N00bism

    TD VS RA

    Sorry about that, just that this thread is kinda the 2nd topic from what i m trying to search and look interesting in some way so i posted something but didn't notice that i m actually grave digging.
  9. You know, King Oni reminds me of Warcraft3's iron golem.
  10. N00bism

    Favorite Lines

    I always wondered... Isn't it the current that kills and not the voltage? And Seals and Tanya should be more afraid of those voltage since they swim around pretty much.
  11. N00bism

    Tesla Coils

    Hmm... Maybe Zee should make a lego series about tesla coil theory with 2 legoman quarreling about pixies(and use the stalin pixie pic) and electromagnetic field until the 3rd guy came with some other weird fact.
  12. N00bism

    Favourite SuperWeapon?

    Chronosphere, teleporting 9 prism tanks at the back of your enemy base (Unless your enemy spend his money base creeping with pp and grandcannons) is more deadly than nuke which can be prevented by using forcefield.
  13. N00bism

    Yeah Im Newbie

    Welcome to CNCNZ!
  14. N00bism


    No form of government is perfect, only people who think which is best. that's why different country have different form of government which portray the different mentality of humans in different region.
  15. Rank your favorite soundtrack here! Not sure if renegade have it's own soundtrack though Mine is: 1) C&C:Tiberian Dawn 2) C&C:Red Alert 3) C&C:Red Alert 2 4) C&C:Tiberian Sun 5) C&C:Yuri Revenge C&C3 not mention here cause they are just... Meh...