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  1. shaygonnagon

    Best Build Cue in RA3?

    I know I am going to be the Empire but Allies I have to say has the best build cue
  2. any good or funny stratigies for the aliens? Here is one cool one. Build order, PP Port crane| 10 buzzers ref|ref ref|nerve pp|tech signal than buy a mothership move the buzzers to a place not by you or your allies base. Send 5 buzzers to the selected base put the mother ship on force attack make a wormhole from the base where the buzzer is let the mother ship attack the buzzers than send the buzzers in the worm hole than run the the base to make a mothership affected
  3. shaygonnagon

    new unit ability

    That is cool for an ability. I never heard of it so I can't help you sorry
  4. shaygonnagon

    What is your favorite unit?

    I would have to say the Redeemer and Purifiers because when you uprgrade the flame, its one of the best deadly combos. When you see more than 10 purifiers and a redeemer. You will lose almost all structures, but if you see 10 or more purifiers, 1 Redeemer and a decoy of 1 of Redeemer and 3 avatars. That makes 13 or more purifiers and 2 Redeemers you are screwed. BLACK HAND ALL THE WAY WOOT!!!! Reply is you agree
  5. shaygonnagon

    Beta Tournament

    I will if Im not on vacation or camps
  6. shaygonnagon

    hi all

    whats up everybody???? Conquer the water, conquer the world