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    Hi there, Is it possible to set the resolution higher, like 1280 or 1440 for these two games? I've searched in the forums but couldn't find specific information and in the maps of the games I can't find something where I can change it. Mind that I have The First Decade packet. Greets
  2. Ketterrrr

    Online play

    I was just wondering, is RA2 and YR still being played online or is it dead?
  3. Ketterrrr

    Really need to know

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and C&C3 but around for years in the other C&C games. Now I have a question, can I run this game good? Playing it as smooth as possibly would be my number 1 goal, but a little detail may be nice too. I have a laptop, I shall write the most important specifications below.. Acer Aspire 7720Z Intel Duo Core 1,60 GHz 4GB RAM Intel GMA X3100 (.... yeah I heard it really sucks but I can't change the card...) Hard Disk space is not a problem. Windows Vista Enterprise (I'm thinking about running it in "XP Mode" for maximum performance) So what do you guys think? Is it worth a shot? Or would it be a lost cause? Thanks in advance