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  1. dubzac

    Favorite Unit

    helix is pretty good even with just a chain gun upgrade ive kicked major ass with a small swam of 8 can kill any vehicle its funny as hell to watch
  2. dubzac

    Favorite General

    i like the laser general dunno why but i just do mmmmmmmmm lasers hehe
  3. dubzac

    Didn't ANYBODY like Generals?

    well apart form gererals being somewhat short on the campaign china for some reason having the hardest end mission its not that bad. ive seen worse and played like 50 other games before by EA and they have not worked out. zerohour was a waste of cash the single player missons where way skiped i can see holes where there could of been more missions lazy EA! ive seen you dudes do better c'mon. i liked gererals olny because it was way more felixable on the resoure options
  4. dubzac

    Tips to defeat the Tigress Leang

    well if any of you want to bet the general leang TIPS - Style = General Dubzac - capture and go tactic -build 4 dozers/workers or whatever you got -build powerplant and barracks -pump out at least 5 infantry make sure they can get the capture upgrade -buy the capture upgrade -scout and capture all you can with out being shot at -build most of your base forget SW's for now -build at least five building flushing units vehicles only -move to the bunker donot capture (this will help big time in slowing down the timer -capture the artillery on the hill (this should help destory slow heavy tanks. -move a dozer or worker to build defences north NW, W, NE. and place artillery in support with the defence (dont move into the town unless your ready tiggers will be set off) -build a force of 8 tanks and at lest 6 infantry move slowly into the town watch for a ambush. -build a back up force and take out the overlord and other pathic guards capture all but the reactor untill its needed to stop the sw's -with yor two forces flak all enemys and move to brige with at least one or two dozers or workers (you need to block the enemys force aross the brige theres like helixs and heavy tanks so move fast) -build a mother load of light tanks and rocket guys make sure to build factorys on the other side of the brige as you go - capture anything you see - Major win heh heh
  5. dubzac

    dub comes to cncnz

    the names Dubzac but you can call me Dub if you like Im not new in tiberuim sun forums as such but only here you guys problery seen me on freedom forums, ppmsite , and tiberuimweb.com im a new zealander too i come form whanagei and i have some mods under my belt my mods are. Dawn of the legions [TS mod] Dawn of the legions : Return form exile [TC YR mod] I just like to say hi and how's it going.