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  1. Hannibal

    C&C 4 GDI Mission: Transport Down

    Saracen, that was the most hilarious thing I've seen today. "...with our PEW-PEW LASERS!!!!! ... AND ANOTHER BAM! BAM-BAM-BAM!!" About the CNC video, it's... kinda meh. Not enough to pass judgement on the game, but I'm not super impressed. I thought the art of CNC 3 was good for the Tiberian universe, but it looks like they got RA and CNC art mixed up or something for this one. We'll see, I guess.
  2. No, no, no, I got it. Medal of Honor: Tiberium Strike Online. It fits perfectly.
  3. Haha, wow, brain fail or something. Least I don't have to worry about CNC 4 becoming an MMO or some other atrocity. Point still stands about other changes being made to CNC 4, but that's not relevant here. I was thinking, man, it's kind of weird to be discussing new digital models for CNC 4 considering it's already in beta and all... Let's forget that happened. ANYWAY, the news that CNC is surviving is good, especially considering that CNC 4 will end the Tiberian storyline. I'm wondering what they're meaning by "Command and Conquer" though. Generals Online? World of Red Alert? A completely new universe? A prequel to the Tiberian storyline? I really have no idea. Maybe they mean in the next game, no more live actors, and just digital models! Or... something.
  4. For some reason, the more I learn about CNC 4, the more I'm scared that they'll mess it up hugely. "Conclusion of Tiberian saga" + huge load of completely reinvented and potentially un-CNC-like stuff = worrisome. I don't want my conclusion to the Tiberian saga to be plagued with a bunch of lame features that mess up the core CNC game. I'd much rather they experiment all this new stuff with a CNC game that ISN'T the conclusion to our beloved franchises' story. Then, if it works, keep it in CNC 4. Don't fail me, Tiberian Twilight, don't fail me.
  5. Hannibal

    Tiberian Twilight Reveal Video

    I'm sorry, Malevolence, I can't remember at all where I read that. It was quite a while ago, pretty much in response to all the people that thought EA knew nothing about CNC and put the noun form instead of the adjective form because they were idiots. I myself didn't quite understand it either, to be honest. But the writer of the article (or whatever it was) likened it to the "War on terror" or the "War on drugs." Similarly, he explained that "Tiberium Wars" is just another way of saying "Wars on Tiberium" (or "Wars for Tiberium"). Sorry I can't provide a link, but I honestly have no idea who wrote that. Yeah, Tiberium Wars would probably be a better name for some complete CNC pack or something, but I'm just saying it's not illogical. Anyway, I'm glad that we're back to naming them after various periods of the day. With Dawn, Sun, and Twilight, "Tiberium Wars" seems completely out of place, though... maybe it's like an intermission in a trilogy. The reigns passed from Westwood to EA, and they probably didn't want to end it right away with a game called Tiberian Twilight, considering it would be their first Tiberian game. Maybe CNC 3 was just more of an experiment to see how the people would react to EA making a CNC game. (Think of it, had they made CNC 3: Tiberian Twilight and made it the last Tiberian CNC, but completely ruined it, CNC fans would hate EA forever.)
  6. Hannibal

    Command & Conquer 4 Gameplay Details

    I have to say this is kind of worrying me. No real bases, no harvesting (apparently), "Control points..." ALL THIS CHANGE IS TOO MUCH. I CANNOT BEAR IT. Seriously though, I'm slightly nervous. If they don't pull off the last game in the Tiberian storyline, I'm not going to like it. I have confidence in EA, though. You can do it, guys.
  7. Hannibal

    Tiberian Twilight Reveal Video

    LOLWUT Y R EA NAMMING THIS AFTER TEH MOVIE JUST BCUZ IT WAS A POPULAR MOVIE DOZNT MEAN U CAN CALL CNC THAT TO MAKE MORE MONEY I HATE U EA ... Yeah, people are being lame in the Youtube comments. Then again, when are people NOT lame in Youtube comments? Here are some real gems: That name sounds quite horrible, thank you sir. I can see it now. CNC 1: Tiberian Dawn. CNC 2: Tiberian Sun. CNC 3: Tiberium Wars. CNC 4: Kane's Final Resolution. Fits quite well! *sarcasm* The noobs are just angry that they didn't win, basically. On a side note, after reading an explanation for it, I didn't think "Tiberium Wars" was that horrible of a name. It's like "Wars for/on Tiberium." It doesn't even have to be the adjective form to make sense. May not be THE BEST TITLE IN HISTORY, but I wasn't too bothered with it. Anyway, here's to hoping that CNC 4 lives up to it's subtitle!
  8. LEAKED CNC 4 NEWS! SPOILER ALERT! Kane is a vampire.
  9. I sent in "Tiberian Eventide" as a suggestion. It has basically the same meaning, but more original and surprising than "Tiberian Twilight." I'm satisfied with "Tiberian Twilight" though. I think it fits since like twilight is the end of the day, so is "Tiberian Twilight" the end of the Tiberian storyline (lol obvious explanation is obvious). Just as long as people don't start referring to it as "Twilight" since there's another famous but inferior series entitled that...
  10. Wow, interesting screenshot there, hagren. I knew I was reminded of a CNC 3 promotion screen when I saw that blurry picture. Malevolence, that screenshot refers to it as a Nod "epic unit." It's possible that it's just Kane's Wrath fan art that coincidentally has the name "Crawler." Whatever it is, please don't be Generals 2.
  11. Woo-hoo, Giles is back! He was probably my favourite co-commander! Also, a level with hundreds of Yurikos...? Uh, okay. I thought multiple commandos was a thing of the past...
  12. To watch or not to watch, that is the question. I pretty much decided just to wait for the game.
  13. Hannibal

    Flair Versus Bear Part 2

    This is so corny I shouldn't even laugh. But I do.
  14. Hannibal

    RA3 Uprising - Best Price?

    Note to EA: Put it on Steam or my opinion of you will severely diminish.
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Mac gamers? There must be like... how many? Three?