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  1. Yeah i know but its hard to get a pic with all the mane 6 in that stays on the right. lol
  2. Ponies everywhere nowdays heres my desktop:
  3. nVidia are running around like headless chickens trying to get that new architecture out before AMD release their new 6k series chips. I got my first AMD graphics card not long ago now and i've had no problems what so eer, and the temps are incredible. I genuinely can't complain lol. Whereas my GTX285 was slow, hot and noisy. I can actually play games with my case fans on low. Can't wait to see what both manufacturers have in line. BTW aren't ASUS planning a ASUS RoG Mars 2 with Fermi chips?
  4. Gazdude

    Gazdude's Disruptor

    Wow, that looks incredible, nice job! (Note to self: Gotta get better at photoshop.)
  5. Gazdude

    3D Art

    Yeah it would look nice textured. iIt's an unbelievable ball ache to texture something well. Modelling's the fun part, it's the texturing thats the pain in the ass. Though I guess I should texture it, would be a shame to leave it naked.
  6. Gazdude

    3D Art

    Yeah, but it's a very purty design though. I use 3DS Max because its so easy to use compared to the other 3D programs like Maya & Soft Image XSI. I don't end up putting my fist through my monitor while using it. If you ever plan on being a games artist though you need to know how to use them all or you'll never get a job.
  7. Gazdude

    New GFX Card for Gazdude

    Think I'll pick up one of these on monday. Vapor X Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 2GB
  8. Gazdude

    3D Art

    Feeling sentimental I decided to model my favourite Tiberian Sun vech.
  9. Gazdude

    C&C Rewire Updates

    Sweet. Can't wait to see that. Hope it's not one of those mods that'll never be released.
  10. Gazdude

    New GFX Card for Gazdude

    Nice, though I've always wanted to do this-> Deep Fat Fryer PC! Still haven't been able to talk my boss into letting me build one though..
  11. Gazdude

    Incase you don't know

    Hehe, I'm sure someone somewhere did, and respect to him and his broken English. It must be tough speaking 4 languages.
  12. The power consumption and price tag are still going to be issues. It must be difficult for some people to accept that nvidia have lost this round. ATI have got it right this time. Cypress > Fermi
  13. Gazdude

    New GFX Card for Gazdude

    How are you gonna cool those monsters? At the moment I don't want to water cool because I hate the thought of maintaining the system and I dont want to constantly keep altering fan speeds because I'm lazy. I just want to sit back turn it on and play a few hours without worrying about the thing slowing baking itself. SLI or CFire is tempting though.
  14. Gazdude

    Incase you don't know

    He's still on msn everyday. I think he's got a degree now or something. I fear talking to him because he's pretty crazy, he doesn't have a sense of humour that I'm familiar with and I can't understand what he's talking about most of the time.
  15. Gazdude

    Steam Hardware Survey: May 2010

    Those new Cypress GPU's are starting to take over.