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  1. Finished the game. Never liked the Hierarchy faction, easy to defeat. Limited walker bots esp if you want them to be assault bots. Here's a funny hack I made. It makes: 1. All your Walkers walk faster (2x) 2. All your walkers see farther (larger FOW revealed), obviously because they are giants! 3. Unlimited walker (>3). Build any amount of walker you like! depending on your resources and strategy. How to: 1. Download the file : here 2. Go to //Universe at war folder/Data & find/rename your config.meg - to keep it as original. 3. Copy the config.meg downloaded in the same folder. Done! 4. If you want to go back to your original settings, just remove the config.meg & find/rename your original copy. Tested only with v1.00.90977. It might work with other versions, but I dont have time to test it. Cheers! Hope you like it ! Now when those science walkers come to life with their cascade weapons online... Burn baby burn! leonil7