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    C&C Renegade:ONLINE PLAY

    If you want to play renegade online you need to get GameSpy Arcade there are average 100 people online daily it is great fun and there are plenty of mod map servers; you just need to make sure you have the maps!
  2. In the GDI mission where you need to rescue Tratos and you start with Umagon, a ghost stalker and a mutant hijacker, You can easily keep a green tick tank! Take a tick tank, and before you get Tratos into the transport deploy your tank and is stays there. Undeploy it, and it's yours, or it disappears. Once i managed to keep the Feind, a tick tank, Umagon and the ghost stalker, no idea how, but it was kinda cool having green units, i think what i did was got them all to where your reinforcements come and therefore weren't in the delete unit trigger.
  3. BlyTwo


    I hate this game now. And my hatred for EA just multiplied by 1000x I doubt I am the only angry customer... I uninstall the game to fit halo on my tiny hard drive (20GB) and it deletes YEARS worth of work in custom maps, one of which i wasn't finished yet (Rebellion Downfall, Rebellion Intel. 3, {THE BEST ONE YET}) and it didn't say anywhere that it would delete all the custom maps and leave the profile........ If you know a way i can still get them back I will worship you as my hero for a long time!!!!!!!!!
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    there is extremely likely to be a C&C4 eventually, what do you think it would be like? This is also kind of on this topic
  5. BlyTwo

    Renegade Crash Problem

    I load up my game but when I press Escape to skip the intro movie the game just closes (crashes?) I tried not pressing anything while in the video and just watched it through, no problem, but when I loaded a game it closed as soon as I tried to move. Whatever key I press will close the game, any key. I have googled everything I can come up with, I found one similar situation, but no solution. Got any ideas?
  6. I just downgraded from Vista to XP but i can't find a Ethernet controller... I have a Asus P5LP-LE motherboard. I was told I need the name of the full computer to find the drivers on the HP website. Can anyone help?
  7. BlyTwo

    Pic of the Day

    The idea in like Star Trek for example is not the objects making sounds, but some sort of sound system within the ship making the sounds. And sounds aren't only created by vibrations, they are simply the most basic, as you said vibration based sounds can only travel through denser materials. Telephasic sounds travel on the spectrum and are interpreted by your mind in other ways. Or you just get them from a site that updates them daily...
  8. BlyTwo

    Pic of the Day

    It is more realistic. The three most realistic Sci-Fi ideas ever made are Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and EVE Online. Star Trek has the right ideas, but they aren't doing it quite right... One thing that Firefly got, was the concept of there being very little physical matter to cary sound vibrations. In dead-space you can't hear a thing, nebulae or dust clouds are acceptions though.
  9. BlyTwo

    Pic of the Day

    lol I just got my internet back, did anyone notice that the guns aren't loaded? I always found the soucer section idea a little quirky... I can see Battlestar Galactica more than Enterprise... Lego. Fix Apparently you need bacon to be 'manly'
  10. BlyTwo

    uprising is not a hard copy

    The download way saves you on packaging, shipping and whatever else the store decides to add to it... Steam does really well with the download thing, but they know what they're doing, EA doesn't know it's ass from a whole in the ground...
  11. BlyTwo

    Pirate Bay Trial

    True, chopping off one thing will only make people angry, and ten new places will branch out in replacement...
  12. HEY! HEY! HEY! HOLD ON A SEC!!! Putting stuff on your desktop makes it easy to access and reminds you it exists... With the exception that you have a second partition... But ya, terribly organized
  13. That was retarded and funny!
  14. BlyTwo

    Pic of the Day

    They did it just to make you ask that.
  15. BlyTwo

    Pirate Bay Trial

    It isn't just the resources, some people absolutely cannot be traced, uncommonly termed ghost browsing, or ghost hacking. Either the act of invisibility, or being everywhere at once, people do it. TPB is only a tiny fragment of piracy, just a simple path. A chicken with it's head cut off.
  16. BlyTwo

    Pic of the Day

    Those were all retarded! (minus the first) People actually believe that their cameras are that good at locating faces, ya-no. Is that a serious exam??? 1. WTF 2. WTF some more 3. Easy as hell question.
  17. Why don't we just call this the babe show off thread?
  18. BlyTwo

    Pirate Bay Trial

    It is like comparing you being poor, to an asteroid sent to earth by a magnetic satellite on purpose. So you think buying a product that may have been mined and assembled by child labour and inevitably contributing to ecological breakdown and in the end demanding you to pay for it? Piracy is well deserved. And you also think taking someone game is as bad as killing them? Maybe if they will suicide because of it, but come on... You are so driven by government and law that you fail to see it's flaws! They do get money from the companies that buy the albums off them. But the companies rip off the artists. Holy ****! You practically read my mind on that one! And it can be no closer to the truth. Because the idiotic industries will inevitably lose. Ya not the best place to be anti-C&C, it is like saying "**** all you gay nerds!" at a Star Wars convention, it won't end so well...
  19. BlyTwo

    Pirate Bay Trial

    Piracy will happen whether anyone wants it or not, plus the greedy companies trying to drill your money and take all your power away and add it to their own. Those bastards deserve it for practically brainwashing people into buying s*** that ends up breaking within a year. The Story of Stuff says the same thing every logical and observant person sees. Our consumer society was designed this way. So let TPB continue, it just makes the inevitable a little easier for people. You can't stop filesharing, "You can't stop the signal".
  20. BlyTwo

    What ever happened to formation move?

    In the C&C3+> formation move, it is the most basic thing ever. You do the formation and all of the units scramble their way (at their individual speeds) to the destination as if you individually moved them. Although with a normal move order, they move into a square formation anyways. But in C&C to RA2 they just all moved as close to the target location as possible. And for a lot of people the formation move is hold both buttons. Planning mode is handy for fancy maneuvers etc, but really, just take your time with the assault force and be strategic, not just "all forces go to the middle of their base!" And no real need for a uniform movement order.
  21. Why is there such an uproar over a guy in an evil looking bear suit on battlecast?
  22. Without thinking more than necessary, we would not be here right now. You should have seen the look on my face when I glanced at the logo thing. What went through my head was WHAT THE ****!??? But once I saw it i realized it is just another failed attempt at humour...
  23. BlyTwo

    Serial #

    Is there a way to retrieve your serial number if you lost the booklet?
  24. BlyTwo

    Pic of the Day

    I always wondered, if there were so many other people that have been in the same test, wouldn't someone have ever found the cake room? I know there is a way to find the cake "OMAGAD CAEK!!!11"