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    so now that the games out whats the beta

    I thought UaW was supposed to revolutionize the RTS genre. (And where's the review at? ) And there's already a realistic-y CNC, and that's Generals. They dropped the ball some with that game, but that did bring in a lot fresh players, probably more than what CnC3/RA3 will. I don't believe the beta key is even for a CnC title, but some other big name game from EA.
  2. Keero

    Idea for a German faction in RA3

    Nazi's belong in Company of Heroes and in shooters. We'd rather have a bald guy rather than one with a robotic mustache.
  3. Keero

    Didn't ANYBODY like Generals?

    Did I like it? It was okay. Strip away the whole CNC tag and you get another generic game. It did feel rushed, the infantry were huge as were the aircraft, the units too many, the story was something they threw at the end of the game. "Teh amirca is 'ttackin' the extremeest and China isn't happy!" Zero Hour did bring some good ideas, but it was mainly all filler. And I hate the game's economy.
  4. Keero

    What is your favorite unit?

    Let's see... :cc: The Orca, it rocked for bombing runs. I didn't really care for the game, but the Wolverine or Hover MRLS. The Flame Tank. I love how much damage it gives out and can take. One of the mainstays in my attacking forces. That, and the Stealth Tank, looks awesome as it slithers around the battlefield. And it actually does adequate damage WHILE having a great special effect. I'm not really a fan of GDI, but I am now. The Hammerhead Gunship. With AP Ammo upgrade and a few Missile Squads, they shred up anything.