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  1. modderintraining

    can you use a game pad?

    windows regonizes it ill try what sonic said
  2. modderintraining

    can you use a game pad?

    i cant even configure my phillips retractable for renegade
  3. modderintraining

    can you use a game pad?

    i was wondering if you can configure ren to use a pc game controller or XBCD (witch is a software thart lets you conect a origal xbox controller to a pc) to contorl his movments and actions
  4. modderintraining

    help needed

    the only thing i can tell you is to get the shared internet files from renagade and then i was able to play the campain
  5. ok im look for a place were i can download building shps'. dont worry i will give the creator of the shps' full credit in the credits file of my mod, or im looking for someone who would like to join my mod team (R.I.M.(Revolution In Motion)) for team members im looking for some one to make a storyline with a campain that will work with the first decade, and some one who can make vokels and SHPs', and someone to help make new super weapons. please let me know for anyone who is interested in joining my team email me at [email protected] and please include a screen shot of your work
  6. ok i was wondering if it is posable to take the shad and make it pick up ore from one place and drop it of in another with auto deploy it would be for a map i made were all the ore is on a seperat island with no way to it but over water
  7. modderintraining

    need help please

    ok thanks and if you think of anything you missed just let me know thanks
  8. modderintraining

    need help please

    i do all of this in the artmd.ini
  9. modderintraining

    need help please

    do i change the clones name as well and is there anything else im saposed to do
  10. modderintraining

    Super Weapon Help

    yea i got it to work know do you know how to increase the blast radius
  11. ok i have a clone of the NATECH and im using it for my ion lab and i what to know how i can use the cameo i made for it with out chande the cameo on the original NATECH
  12. modderintraining

    Super Weapon Help

    where do i do that
  13. modderintraining

    Super Weapon Help

    well i tried that and it is in the game but when the timer in the icon bar is done i click it and i cant select any thing to have it attack it just starts the timmer again and anytime that havs a prerequisit set to the tech secert lab just shows up in the buildings tab weather or not i have the secert lab can any one tell me how to fix those problums
  14. Ok im trying to bring back the ion cannon and make it a universal superweapon that you get when you build the ion lab i made whitch you can build when you capture the tech secret lab. well what i need to know is how to make a super weapon i alredy have the NPSE
  15. modderintraining


    can anyone tell me were i can get the map called dimonds are forever