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  1. Ah well, that's why they're called the Forgotten, EA keeps forgetting about them.
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    The new juggernaut

    hmm... let me clear up some misconceptions here from orcalover's post. He used some pictures to validate the use of short barreled guns on tanks. Now the first, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm....0004z89h67.jpg This is a picture of an American M8 self-propelled 75mm howitzer. It was not very effective against front-line tanks and was primarily used for infantry support. The second picture is documented and is of a WW II era German Panzer III Ausf N. http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/TIGER-1%20...-III-AUSF-N.jpg This is a production model tank, however, by the time it saw service it was relegated to the role of infantry support and is not a front-line battle tank. It mounts a 75mm low-velocity short barreled gun. The third picture is also documented and is of the British Centurion A.V.R.E. (Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers). http://www.armyrecognition.com/europe/Angl..._2004_UK_01.jpg This is also a production tank, however, it's role is not that of a main battle tank. It is a vehicle used by combat engineers. It mounts a 165mm Demolition Gun. This weapon's role is for clearing obstacles (road blocks, dragon's teeth, pillboxes, ets...) and destroying buildings. It is ineffective against both infantry and other tanks. Note that the tank the vehicle is derived from was produced from the end of WW II through to 1962. It is still in service in some 3rd world nations. Those are all cannons on tanks. But actually that was is just a juggernaut is, simply an mech with cannons. OK, that being cleared up, onto the subject of this thread, i.e. the short barrels on the new Juggernaut. They are acceptable all things considered. In the same vane as the Allied gun/howitzers of WW II (British 25-pounder and the American 105mm), which were used for both direct fire and indirect fire. These weapons were invariably large bore, short barreled weapons. They relied on their large caliber hollow charge rounds for penetration rather than high-velocity kinetic impact. As to the upgrade, that's just ludicrous. Maybe it's a foo-gas projector or a very short range mortar type weapon? Anyways that's my $.02 worth.
  3. Yeah, I leaped before I looked. The "bug" is a limitation default set for vehicles, and can be overridden, hence the Reckoner in KW which allows 2 squads to be garrisoned and evacuated. Interestingly, the default for structures doesn't have this limitation and structures will evacuate all squads, either singly or en mass, even when there are more than 3 squads in garrison in one structure. The maximum limits for garrisoned troops appears to be set by the number of BoneGarrisons listed under the ExtraPublicBone entry. But I haven't checked to see whether this is the case or not. Not being a programmer and having very little experience with xml coding, I can only guess at what needs to be done and have no idea how to implement it. I suspect that the ProductionQueueHordeContain.xsd has to be set to "unbounded," but how and where to add the entry to the APC's xml file escapes me.
  4. There is a limitation to how many squads you can put in an APC and still evacuate them. It is not a bug. This is a function of the unit's abilities command set. You are limited to a maximum of 4 commands, and each garrisoned squad takes up one command. The easy way to increase the number of garrisoned squads is to move the minefield ability to another unit, (the PitBull for instance.) You can then add a second squad that can be evacuated. Adding more than two will cost you some of the basic functionality of the APC, either by removing the Call-for-Transport ability or by removing the Move-to-Location-and-Evacuate ability, or both. Any squad you allow to garrison the unit beyond those that have command slots, become unit upgrades that cannot be removed. Just remember, the last squad to enter is the first squad out. So unless you can figure out how to make a rotating stack for the command button, you're stuck with these limitations. Please note, that this is also why structures have a functional limitation of 3 garrisoned squads. Though excess squads can be eliminated by grenade/flame thrower/buzzer garrisoned structure clearing abilities. Hope this clears up the misconception. :lol:
  5. My apologies, I was wrong in implementation. There seems to be a default setting for the number of garrisons evacuated from a vehicle that I just don't know how to change. It should be possible to make this work, hence the Reckoner in KW. If someone would be so kind as to delete this thread.
  6. OK. if you want a straight, no fuss, modding tool, and you only want to edit what's already in the game, use TibEd2. It will let you edit the xml files, it won't let you add anything new. You don't need to write any new neccessary files as it does this automatically when you "create mod." This appears to be what you want to do.
  7. Hi, I'm new to this board and I'm not a programmer so please bear with me if I ask dumb/noob questions. I have 2 questions. 1.) Is there a concise guide/tutorial for making mods with SDK MOD? I'm looking for something that will tell me precisely what files I need and where to find them. A guide/tutorial that includes examples of XML files with comments to tell you what each entry does and what files are associated with them. 2.) Is there a way to extract all the files in a .big file into usable/editable format? OK, the various XML files are suppsed to be in the .big file, but they're further packed in other files. I can extract the .big file with OS BIG Editor, now how do you extract from those files? And from which files would you need to extract? What I'm looking to do, is raid KW for some of the modifications. Also, if I could see how they did it, I might be able to figure out what I should do to achieve the desired effects. TibEd2 only allows you to work with what's in the original game and does not support 3rd party mods, nor does it allow you to add anything new. Thanks in advance.