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  1. kidvini

    TD VS RA

    I agree with this Cus i couldn t make my mind up!!!
  2. kidvini

    Favourite Low Tech Vehicles

    Heavy tank cause it has strong armer and good attack
  3. i dont believe people thought the dozer would win
  4. Im with gazdude on this one. CY RULES
  5. kidvini

    Tiberian Sun Return of the Dawn Mod

    nice work on the mod. i love the game but are you making campains for it or not
  6. I like both but the con yard is much better....
  7. I was just wonderin what your thoughts are on this mod?
  8. kidvini

    My Renegade Clan By Gazdude :D

    Nice add gazdude
  9. You no if u grow more trees U will also get more oxygen P.S. But killing civs is Quicker.......lol
  10. GDI Rule :!: :!: :!:
  11. kidvini

    Best Nuke/Missile

    if the missile dont do much damage it means there off target...... It is just scud goes all over the building not just in one place so u have to expect that......